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the true answer is 145 combinations

but 3,944 sequences!

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Q: How many 501 9 dart finish combinations?
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Why does a dart game start at 501?


How do you work out a 3 dart average?

the quick way is to add up the number od darts to finish the game (incuding 0 scores/missed doubles) then do this some: where: n is the number of darts thrown x is the 3 dart average. X = (501/n) * 3 eg (501/9)*3 = 167

is it easier to throw a perfect 300 game in bowling or a perfect 9 dart game of 501 darts?


What is the dart game 501?

The object of the game is simple: score exactly 501 points with the last scoring dart in a double. It is scored by starting at 501 and counting down. If at any point during a turn you pass zero, you get to exactly zero but not on a double, or you have 1 point remaining, it's called a bust (I think the English call it a burst, unless that's just a difference in pronunciation); your score remains what it was before your turn began, and your opponent takes his/her turn.

How many 9 dart finishes have there been?

A 9 dart finish is a perfect game of darts. It is getting down from 501 to 0 in 9 darts. It can be done in a number of ways, some are quite creative and basically it depends which double the player prefers to finsh on. The most popular way is treble 20, treble 20, treble 20 treble 20, treble 20, treble 20 treble 20, treble 19 and double 12.

How many times is FIRST used in the bible?

In the King James version the word - first - appears 434 times (it also appears in words such as - firstborn - and - firstfruit - and other combinations.)

How many crore in 501 million?

501 million = 50.1 crores.

What are different dart games for darts?

The main ones are 501, you start on any number and get down to 0 finishing on a double. 301, same as 501 but it is double in, double out. There is also cricket, you go round the board 1,2,3,4 etc all the way to 20.

How many points for a win in darts?

zero! The goal is to reach exactly zero points to finish the game. You will start at 501 points and count down. Be faster than your opponent!

Which scores between 1 and 60 cannot be scored with one dart?

The maximum from one dart is 60, (a treble 20)

What is 501 evenly divisible by?

501 is evenly divisible by 3, 167, 501 and 1. 501 / 3 = 167 501 / 167 = 3 501 / 501 = 1 501 / 1 = 501

Where can one play the game Dart Flights?

Dart Flights is commonly called 'darts'. This game can be played virtually anywhere. Actually, it can be played virtually and even on some smart phones. The more traditional method is to play the game while hanging out at a bar or sports club. There are often tournaments going on or options to join a league. Many people who enjoy the game have a dart board of their home set up at their residence. The options are endless. There are also many different games that can be played with the darts/dart flights the more popular ones being '301', '501', and 'Cricket'.