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Q: How many 50 dollar bills would it take to get to 1 million dollars?
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Related questions

How many 2 dollar bills are in 1 million?

It would take half a million (500,000 or 5 hundred thousand) 2 dollar bills to be worth 1 million dollars. Of course it would take a full 1 million 2 dollar bills to make a million BILLS.

How many 20 dollar bills are in 1 million dollars?

You would need 50,000 twenty-dollar bills. 1000000/20 = 50000

How many 5 dollar bills would it take to make a million dollars?

It would take two hundred thousand (200,000) $5 bills to equal one million dollars.

How many twenty dollar bill would you need to make a million?

50,000 20 dollar bills to make a million dollars

How tall is 1 million dollars in 100 dollar bills?

A US dollar bill is reportedly .0043 inches thick. Assuming the same for a 100 dollar bill, a stack of 100 dollar bills totalling one million dollars would be 43 inches tall. It takes 10,000 such bills to equal a million dollars. 10,000 X .0043 = 43 inches. Interestingly, using these measurements, a billion dollars would be just over 3583 feet tall, and a trillion dollars would be just over 678.66 miles tall!

How much money do millionaires and billionaires have?

Really though, some people don't realize how much a million or billion is. If you had a million dollars you would have 1000, $1,000.00 dollar bills. If you had a billion dollars you would have 1000, $1,000,000.00 dollar bills.

How high is a Stack 1 million dollars?

One million 1-dollar bills would be about 358.33 feet tall.

How much does one trillion dollars weigh?

A trillion dollars in one dollar bills would way about 1.1 million tons, or 2.2 billion pounds. If you were using 100 dollar bills it would way about 11 thousands tons

If you stacked up dollar bills on a table how high would a billion dollars be?

About 3 million feet.

How many fifty dollar bills in one million dollars?

Why would you need to know that?and it's 20,000

How big would 1 million dollars be?

Depends on the denomination or "currency".... Question needs to be more specific 1 million US Dollars in penny's 1 million US Dollars in 1 Dollar bills 1 million US Dollars in 100 Dollar bills 1 million US Dollars in Indian Rupee 1 million US Dollars in gold ...

How tall would 1 million one dollar bills be?

1 million one dollar bills would be about 3,000 feet.

How many 20 dollar bill would make 1000?

it would take 50 20 dollar bills to make a thousand dollars.

How much one million dollars in hundred dollar bills weigh?

The weight would be 22.04 lbs. To explain, US bills weigh one gram. There are 10,000 $100 bills in a million dollars so the total weight would be 10 kg, and a kilo is 2.204 US pounds.

How thick is a 100000 US Dollars in 100 dollars bill?

4.3 inches, most heist movies make it seem like it would fill up a briefcase and such but it doesn't. In 20 dollar bills it is 21.5 inches, in 10 dollar bills it is 43 inches, in 5 dollar bills it is 86 inches, and in 1 dollar bills it is 430 inches. A dollar bill is .0043 inches so in turn to make a stack a mile long it would takeover 14 million bills.

How many dollar bills are there in 8000000?

There are some problems here. You need to specify 8 million what. Another problem is that there really are no dollar bills at all in 8 million anything, even 8 million dollars, unless you have accumulated that much cash in one dollar bills. No one in his right mind would accumulate that much money in one dollar bills unless it is for some kind of publicity stunt or Guiness record.

What is the weight of one million dollars in one dollar bills?

Each bill, regardless of its denomination, weights one gram. So one million dollar bills would weigh one million grams, or 2204.62 pounds or one tonne (also known as a metric ton).

How many times would a million dollars circle the earth?

Not even once. The length of a U.S. dollar is 15.6 centimeters. Laid end to end a million dollar bills would stretch for 156 kilometers or about 97 miles.

How much does one million dollars in ten dollar bills weigh?

One million dollars in ten-dollar bills would weigh 220.5 pounds. It would make a continuous stack almost 36 feet tall, or it could be rearranged into a cube with 18-foot sides. You can get more cash dimensions and cash size and weight conversions at

How many hundred dollar bills make a pound?

'Hi...well each note no matter what the denomination weighs one gram.There are 454 grams to a pound.So one pound would have 454 notes.A million dollars in ones you take 1,000,000 dollar notes divided by 454 and come out with approximately 2202.6 pound for one million dollars in one dollar bills' [edit search]

How much would one million dollars in US twenty dollar bills weigh?

One U.S. $20 bill weighs one gram. That makes 50,000 $20 bills to make $1 million, which would weigh 110.23 pounds.

Can a million dollars fit in a coffee can?

Two thousand $500 dollar bills?... Depends on the size of the can Of course. If you have a large coffee can and your million is not in bills but in the form of bonds or Certificates of Deposit, for example. You can definitely have a million dollars or even more in a coffee can. You can probably even have a million dollars if you have a VERY large can and EACH bill is worth $1,000.00, in which case you would only need 1,000 bills to make $1,000,000.00

How tall is a stack of one dollar bills worth 17 million?

17 million one-dollar bills would stack to about 6,091.67 feet high.

How many 50 dollar bills would make 1000 dollars?


How many 20 dollar bills would you get for 20 ten dollar bills?

You'd get 10, since 20 ten dollar bills would be 200 dollars. 200 divided by 20 is 10.