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Q: How many 5 gal buckets of tomatoes in a bushel?
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How many 5 gal buckets of chicken poop in a cubic yard of sand?

That's going to be heavily influenced by how many chickens, what you've been feeding them, and how long since the last time you raked it over.

How many lbs of dried pinto beans makes one gallon of cooked beans?

A bushel is 8 gallons and each bushel of produce (based on tomatoes, corn, beets, peppers, and squash) generally weighs 50 pounds. Therefore, each gallon would weigh 6.25 pounds (50 divided by 8). So 5 gallons would weigh approximately 30.25 pounds. This is not precise as it will depend how tightly the beans are packed, but it should be close.

How many gal in 48qt?

12 gal

If I have a bucket of water that holds 4 gallons of water and another bucket that holds 7 gallons of water. The buckets have no markings. How can I go to the well and bring back exactly 5 gallons?

Fill the 4 gal bucket and empty it into the 7 gal bucket. Fill the 4 gal bucket and then fill the 7 gal bucket from the 4 gal. This leaves 1 Gallon in the 4 gallon bucket. Empty the 7 gallon bucket and pour the gallon from the 4 gal lbucket into it. Fill the 4 gal bucket and pour it into the 7 gal bucket. You then have 5 gallons in the 7 gallon bucket.

How many 5 gallon buckets in a square yard of soil?

About 38.49 5 gallon buckets in a cubic yard. a 5 gallon bucket is 10 inches at the bottom 11 inches at the top and 14 inches tall so it holds .02598 of a cubic yard or .7 cubic foot or 1212.262 cubic inches and the about part depends on compaction.

How many gal in a L?

1L= 1738 Gal

How many gal are in 16pt?

16pt = gal

How many GAL in 176 PT?

22 gal

How many gal in 84 qts?

21 gal.

How many 565 cubic in gal?

how many cubic inches are 10 gal are

How many gal are equal to 40qt?

40 qt / 4 qt/gal = 10 gal

1 quart equal how many gal?

0.25 gal