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75p ÷ 5p = 15

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Q: How many 5p are equal in the value to 75p?
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How many 5p coins are equal in value to 150p?

150p/5p = 30 of them

What is the cost of 15 items at 5p each?


How many 5p are equal in value to fifteen 2p?

six 6 x 5p = 30p = 15 x 2p

What is the value of 3p 5p?

It is: 3p+5p = 8p

Value of a 5p coin with a monkey?

Well the coins worth 5p but the monkey's worth about $400

How many 5 p coins equal to 7 pound?

There are 140 of 5p coins in £7

What is 5p-10 equals 50?

5p-10 = 50 5p = 50+10 5p = 60 Divide both sides of the equation by 5 to find the value of p: p = 12

How many ways to make 10p using 1p 2p and 5p coins?


How many 5p are in 1079.4?

There are... 21,588 5p pieces in 1079.40

How many 5p are in 4 pounds?

80 5p coins.

How many 5p make 100 English pounds?

20 x 5p = £1 200 x 5p = £10 2,000 x 5p = £100

How many 5p in 10?

question does not say what the 10 is . 5p x 2 = 10p 5p x 20 = £1 5p x 200 = £10

What is the value of a one quarter Anna India 1896?


How many 5p makes 90p?

18 5p coins make 90p.

How many 5ps go into 3 ponds?

sixty2 x 5p = £0.1020 x 5p = £1.0040 x 5p = £2.0060 x 5p = £3.00

How do you solve 5p-15 equals 15-5p?

5p-15 = 15-5p 5p+5p = 15+15 10p = 30 p = 3

How many 5p's are in and pound2?

if question isHow many 5p's are in £22 x 5p = 10p20 x 5p = 100p = £140 x 5p = 200p = £2Answer: forty

What is the answer to 6(5p)?


What is a shilling worth today?

Assuming you're referring to a British shilling, it has no current value in commerce. The coin's face value is equivalent to 5p; shillings and old-style 5p coins co-circulated up till the early 1990s when new and much smaller 5p coins were introduced. All older 5p and 1s coins were then withdrawn from circulation. However, many older shillings can be worth a premium to collectors - please post a new question with the coin's exact date.

What is the value of a Rex Stout autograph?

about 5p better luck next time

How much value is a 5p United kingdom stamp?

The same as its face value - 5p. Unless it has a fault (which would make it rare), it's worth the face value. There are thousands of 5p stamps in circulation.

Three times the value of a coin equals 15p what is the value of the coin?

well as if i know it might be 5p

3p plus 4p plus 10 equals 5p plus 2 what is the value of p?

3p + 4p +10 = 5p + 2 Subtracting 5p from both sides: 3p + 4p - 5p + 10 = 5p + 2 - 5p ie 2p + 10 = 2 Subtract 10 from both sides: 2p + 10 - 10 = 2 - 10 ie 2p = -8 Divide both sides by 2: p = -4

What is 5p as a decimal?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. A decimal representation does not require a decimal point. So 5p, as a decimal is simply 5p.

How many 5p orbitals are there in an atom?