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150p/5p = 30 of them

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Q: How many 5p coins are equal in value to 150p?
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How many ten cent coins are equal in value to two fifty cent coins?

10 coins= 2 fifty cent coins.

How many five cent coins are equal in value to a one dollar coin?

20 = 100 / 5

How many two dollar coins are equal in value to two five dollar notes?

Two x Five Dollar notes would equal Ten Dollars.Five x Two Dollar coins would also equal Ten Dollars.

How many 5c coins equal 10?


How many 5 p coins equal to 7 pound?

There are 140 of 5p coins in £7

How many coins equal one cent?

Only one. The U.S. Penny, the form of currency with the smallest value, is worth one cent. That being said, it is impossible to "make" one cent with two or more coins.

How many 5 cent coins equal to 2.05?


How many 5cent coins are equal 10 dollar?

200 5cent coins 200*5 1000 $10

How many coins equal 40?

Three coins add up to 40 cents: a quarter, a dime, and a nickel.

How many threepennie coins will be equal to two shillings?

Eight, of course !

How many two pence coins are equal to sixteen pence?

8 of them

How many five pence coins are equal to twenty five pence?

five coins 0.25 / 0.05 = 5

How many 5c coins are equal to 10?

question does not say 10 what2 x 5c coins = 10c200 x 5c coins = $10

How many Australian 20 cent coins have a value of 10.60?

Not many. Mint uncirculated Australian 20 cent coins from 1966 to 1974 might have a collector value well over $10.60.

How many combinations with coins can you find that will equal up to 37 cent's?


How many Norwegian 50 ore coins equal 1 Krone?


How many fifty cents coins are equal to a five dollar note?


How many coins can equal 1 dollors?

-- If the coins are dollar coins, all it takes is one of them. -- If the coins are pennies, it takes 100 of them. -- So a dollar can't be less than 1 or more than 100 coins.

A collection of dimes and quarters totals 72 coins Together the dimes and quarters are equal to 11.70 How many of each coin are in the collection?

30 quarters equals $7.50 42 dimes equals $4.20 That adds up to 72 coins with a value of $11.70

Ms Lynch has 21 coins in nickels and dimes Their total value is 1.65 How many of each coin does she have?

ms lynch has 21 coins in nickels and dimes. their total value is 1.65. how many of each coin does she have

Which British coins are of value between 1844 and 1900?

That is a far too extensive a question to answer here, and also depends on what your definition of "value" is. The coins of greatest value are all locked up in museums and the collections of the very wealthy. This is a great period for British coins with many coins potentially of modest to high "value". The gold coins are all 22 carat and the silver coins are all sterling silver. Many coins from this period, such as the 1861 Penny, have up to 16 or more variations with very minor differences that are difficult to pick up on unless you know what to look for. You will need to consult a coin catalogue and check your coins against the descriptions and conditions of the coins and look out for any rarities, errors or peculiarities. Proof and Mint Uncirculated coins will always have a relatively higher value.

What is coin collecting?

Coin collecting is a old tradition of collecting coins of monetary value (money). Many people collect coins that are old, coins that have meaning (like state themed coins), or coins from different parts of the world. Some people do this as a hobby and some collect coins because it will mean their value or worth is very high.

What is value of uncirculated rolled Lincoln 1.00 coins?

Depends. First, it depends on the condition of the coins, not all uncirculated coins are created equal, coins with bag marks are worth much less than a flawless coin, even though a bag-marked coin can be considered to be uncirculated. Next, it depends on where the roll came from, official US Mint rolls (the rolls will say US Mint on them) will have a higher premium than third-party rolls will. However, values are very modest. Millions of these coins were made and collector demand is minimal to say the least. Many banks have several rolls of these uncirculated coins in their vault and will sell them at face value. As a roll I'd add about $2-3 dollars to the face value of the coins for the value.

How many Morgan dollars in a roll?

20 coins or $20 face value.

Jimmy had 15 coins in his pocket they were dimes and nickels the total value of the coins was 1.30 how many dimes did he have in his pocket?

11 dimes.