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There is one six in the units place every 10 numbers. So from 1 to 1000 there are 100 6s in the units place. There are ten sixes in the tens place every 100 numbers, so from 1 to 1000 there are 100 6s in the tens place. Finally, there are 100 numbers that have 6 in the hundreds place. Add all these together, and you get 300. Thus there are 300 6s between 1 and 1,000.

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Q: How many 6's in path of counting from 1 to 1000?
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The Answer:Once. However, if you meant the amount of 6s you pass meaning 6 as a digit, then, start by counting the 6s applicable in the ones place. That would be 10. Then, 6 occurs another time when it reaches every single 60s. Thus, (not counting the aready counted 66), there is 9 more. Therefore, there are 19 6s you shall pass.

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