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Q: How many 60 pound sack make a 1 yard of concrete?
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How many yard in a sack of concrete?

The other way around - it takes something like 18 -24 sacks to make a yard of concrete.

How many square feet of concrete will one sack of portland cement provide?

That will depend on the thickness (depth) of the concrete.

How many bushels are in a 50 pound sack of shelled corn?

Approximately 0.893 of a bushel.

What is the psi of 6 sack concrete mix?


What PSI is 5 Sack concrete?

5 sacks of cement per 1 yard of concrete

How much psi is in 5.5 sack concrete?

3000 psi 3500?

A six sack of concrete mix has how much cement in it?

The answer is, remarkably, 6. Answer: "6 sack" or "6 bag mix" has six bags of cement per cubic yard of concrete mix. Since each sack/bag contains 94 lbs of dry cement, this equals 564 lbs of cement per cubic yard of concrete.

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What is homogeneous commodity?

These are goods which have the quality of substitutability. In law they are sometimes described as fungible. Basically if you want a pound of rice from a sack of rice, it doesn't matter which grains from the sack you get, because all of the grains in the sack are interchangeable.

How many cubic feet in a 100 pound bag of Bentonite and a 100 pound bag of Barite?

1.6 cubic feet = 1sack of barite .6 cubic feet = 1 sack (100 pounds ) bentonite

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Two(2) There are Two and a Half (2.5) Dry Texas Pinto Beans (HEB Brand) in a one (1) Pound sack which will equal 6.5 Cups of Cooked Beans.

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