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Perhaps this Guide to Green Coffee Bags will help you.

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Q: How many 70 kg of coffee bags can you fit into 40 foot long container?
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How many 50kg bags of cement will fit in a 40 foot long container?

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What is a good way to store coffee for a long period of time?

Good ways to store coffee long term is to keep the coffee in an air tight container away from heat. You can also store coffee in vacuum sealed bags in the freezer.

How many 50 pound bags can you fit into a 40 foot long container?

That depends on the dimensions of the bags. You can't equate weight to area or volume. A 50 pound bag of feathers is a lot bigger than a 50 pound bag of sand.

Can I mail coffee?

yeah as long it is in a container that is 100% seal-able in a carton

What does ship TEU mean?

Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit. A container that is 20 feet long is 1 TEU while a 40 foot container unit is 2 TEU. A 53 foot container is 2.65 TEUs

How many 80 pound bags of quickrete does it take to make a walkway 20 foot long by 2 foot wide?


How many 275 gal tote can fit in a 20 Foot long X 8 foot wide container?


How many barrels can fit in a 20 foot long x 8 foot wide container?

How big are the barrels? You are missing the third part of the equation.

How many square foot is in 40 foot container?

The square feet are simply the width times the length. But, I will assume you are interested in the inside dimension of the container or the volume. A sea container is 39' and 3/8" long by 7' 8-3/8"wide by 7' 9-5/8" high. Therefore a 40 foot container holds 2261 cubic feet of area

Does A foot-long meatball marina from subway contain more than 8 bags of crisps worth of salt?


A container 10 foot long 5 foot wide 2 foot deep how many liters?

The volume 10 foot times 5 foot times 2 foot is 100 cubic feet. 100 cubic feet are 2831.6846592 liters.

How do you store coffee?

Coffee can last a long time when stored properly, and the best place to store it would be in a cool, dark place. Make sure that the top is sealed well too so that air doesn't get in to the container.