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The wall is 85 ft x 6 ft = 510 square feet (face area)

One block is 8 inches by 16 inches = 2/3 ft x 4/3 ft = 8/9 square foot.

Divide 510 by (8/9) = 510 x (9/8) = 573.75.

574 blocks. Allow a few extra formistakes!

By the way, check that there will be an even number of rows: 6 ft high = 6x12 = 72 inches. 72/8 = 9. OK, there will be 9 rows of blocks.

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Q: How many 8X16 blocks do you need for 85 by 6 feet wall?
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Be more specific with your question. Are the blocks measured in inches, feet, millimeters, centimeters etc. Same applies to the area.

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How much for block concrete foundation 16 X 60 foot?

You know the size of a concrete block. They're about $1.50 each at least at my box store. They measure 16" x 8" x 8". Your foundation is 16 feet + 16 feet + 60 feet + 60 feet (assuming it's square since you don't say) = 152 feet linear feet. Thats how far it is to get around your foundation. Next we need to see how many of the blocks we need to get that far. 152 feet x 12 in/foot = 1824 inches divided by 16 inches = 114 blocks for each row you need. You don't say how high the foundation will be. I'm going ot assume 12 feet since you probably have a basement. You can adjust the measurements if you need to. 12 feet x 12 inches per foot = 144 inches divided by 8" (height of the blocks) = 15. So that's 15 rows of 114 blocks each so 15 x 114 = 1710 x $1.50 each = $2565 That's just the cost of the blocks. You need mortar and some skilled labor to set the blocks. You will still need rebar to tie the rows together. Labor to set the blocks. And proper concrete to fill in. And not the kind of concrete you get at the box store.

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