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Total area = 4 ft * 6 ft = 24 sq ft.Area of each tile = 8 in * 8 in = 2/3 ft * 2/3 ft = 4/9 sq ft.

So number of tiles = 24 / (4/9) = 24 * 9/4 = 54 tiles.

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Q: How many 8 inch by 8 inch tiles in a 4 by 6 ft area?
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How many 8 inch x 8 inch tiles in a 4 ft by 6 ft area?


How many 18 inch square tiles are needed to cover 280 sq ft area?


How many 48 inches tiles do you need for 50 ft?

An area of 50 square feet requires a minimum of four 48-inch tiles.

How many 20 inch tiles is 9 sq ft?

Nine square feet is equal to 3.24 20-inch tiles.

How many 18 inch x 18 inch tiles in a 4 ft by 6 ft area?

4-ft x 6-ft = 24 square feet 18-in x 18-in = 1.5-ft x 1.5-ft = 2.25 square feet 24/2.25 = 10 2/3 It would take 102/3 tiles to cover that area. Depending on the shape of the area, some of the tiles may have to be cut up to fit it.

How many 18 x 18 inch tiles to do a 320 sq ft area?

142.22 tiles First, calculate the number of square inches you need by converting : 320 ft²*144 in² 1 ft²=46,080 in² Second, determine the area of the tiles: 18in * 18in = 324 in² Lastly, divide the total area by the area of the tile to determine the number you need: 46,080 in² / 324 in² = 142.22 tiles

How do you know how much tiles you need to tile a floor 6 ft by 8 ft using 6 inch tiles?

Length (ft) x Width )ft) = Area (sq ft); 8 x 6 = 48 sq ft; Assuming the 6-inch tiles are square, then 4 tiles = 1 sq ft Multiply 48 sq ft x 4 tiles per sq ft to determine: 48 x 4 = 192 tiles

How many 4 by 2 inch tiles can you fit in a 3 by 6 foot area?

A 4 inch by 2 inch tile will have an area of 1/18 ft2. A 3 ft x 6 ft area will occupy 18 ft2, so in theory you could get 18x18=324 tiles into that area. From a practical standpoint, there will be space between the tiles for grout. To get a more accurate answer, you need to add the width of the grout to the height and width of the tiles, so, for example, you used a 1/4 inch grout gap, your tiles would be effctively about 4.25 x 2.25 inches and occupy about 0.0664 ft2 each. Using this as the area of a tile, you would be able to get about 271 tiles into an area that is 3 ft x 6 ft. bigger gaps will mean less tiles, smaller gaps will mean more, but not more than 324.

How many 12 inch tiles do you need for a 4 x 6 ft room?

LXW is the formula for area so it's 4X6=?? Then its 12X12 tiles = 1 sq ft each so looks a lot like 24 tiles

How many 13x13 inch tiles needed for 290 sq ft?


How many tiles do you need for a 400 square ft area if tile is 6 X 24?

6 x 24 inch tile = 144 sq in = 1 sq ft 400/1 = 400 tiles

How many six-inch square tiles are needed to tile the floor in a room that is 12 feet by 18 feet?

Floor area = 12 ft x 18 ft = 216 square feet. There are 4 six-inch square tiles needed for each square foot, so 864 tiles are needed.

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