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Q: How many 8inch blocks can be laid with 90 pound mortar mix?
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How do you compute mortar in concrete hollow blocks laying?

In general, about half an inch of mortar is required to lay each hollow concrete block. The total amount of mortar needed can be calculated by multiplying this value by the number of blocks to be laid.

What is the minimum curing period when tiles are laid in cement mortar?


What use does mortar have in building trade?

Mortar is the substance used to bind building materials together. It is laid between bricks to seal them in place.

How many blocks can be laid in a day?

depends on the person, the size of the blocks, the length of your workday... ect

How many blocks per squ meter if they laid flat?

20.66 blocks per m2 when laid flat (block size 100 x 440 x 215)

How many blocks can be laid on average in a day?

how big are the blocks and how many guys do you have laying them, and how fast and efficient are the workers. do they have to be mortered,

How many blocks per squ meter if they laid flat using 140 440 215 blocks?

Approx 14

If a chicken and a half laid an egg and a half how much would a pound of butter weigh?

1 Pound

What did Egyptians use to construct the pyramids?

they made blocks of mud and laid them in the sun to dry

What is a brick gauge used for?

Basically, it is to ensure that each layer of laid brick is uniform, and consists of the depth of a brick and a layer of mortar.

How many mortered concrete blocks can be laid on average per person per day?


How is foundation laid for housing?

Sometimes cement in poured directly from a cement-truck into a mould at the location of the house and allowed to dry, while other houses are made by stacking 8"x8"x16" cement blocks that are cemented together using a Mortar cement in order to build the shape of the foundation. There are also several other methods available on the market for making a foundation that are less traditional, such as using styrofoam-like blocks.