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3, 1953, 1958 and 1990.

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Q: How many AFL premierships has Collingwood won in the last 50 years?
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How many premiorships Collingwood f c?

15 VFL/AFL premierships.

How many premierships have north Melbourne won?

4 - 1975, 1977 (Replay - after draw with Collingwood :( ), 1996, 1999.

Who has won the most premierships in the AFL?

The question is actually invalid, because both Essendon and Carlton have won the most at 16 premierships each. Therefore, the next team will have won the third most AFL Premierships; and that is Collingwood. The Collingwood Magpies have won 15, but they have lost many more grand finals than they have won!

How many premierships have hawthorn won?

Hawthorn have won ten Premierships. The years that Hawthorn have won, is in: 1961 1971 1976 1978 1983 1986 1988 1989 1991 2008

311 How many AFL premierships has Hawthorn won?

10 and all of them in 50 years.

How many premierships has Melbourne demons won?

Melbourne has won 12 premierships

How many premierships has west cost won?

3 Premierships

How many premierships have port magpies won?

They have won 36 premierships in their history which is an Australian record for any club..

How many members does Collingwood have in 2011?

Collingwood currently have 71,421 members.

How many premierships has Melbourne won?


How many AFL Premiership flags has Collingwood won in 50 years?

In this season, 2010, Collingwood has won only the one Premiership in the past 50 years - that being in 1990, under Lethal coach, Leigh Matthews. However, Collingwood are certainly set for finally breaking through in the Grand Final this season - for their 2nd Premiership in the past 50 years. Next week will tell.

How many premierships did wally Lewis win?