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An APGAR score is an evaluation of a baby condition at birth. It is judged in 5 categories (Appearance, Pulse, Grimace Activity, Respiration) from 0-2 points each. In the Appearance category a baby with pink color receives the maximum score of 2.

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Q: How many APGAR points are given to a baby that is born pink?
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What does it mean when the baby is at -2?

If you are asking about the Apgar scale the number two is related to the overall health of the baby after birth. The Apgar scale was developed by Virginia Apgar in 1953. Apgar is also an acronym which stands for appearance, pulse, grimace, activity (muscle tone) and respiration. Each of the five categories is give a score of 0, 1 or 2 (2 being the healthiest). These scores are added up for a total score of 10 points, being a healthy baby. The doctor determines this score after the child is born and it determines the condition of the baby. A 2 as an overall score would mean the baby is in critical condtion and needs to be taken to the newborn ICU.

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What is the difference if a baby is facing up or down during delivery?

If a baby is born facing up it is in a posterior position. Their is a greater risk of postpartum hemorrhage for the mother and a lower Apgar score for baby.

The apgar score measures the fitness level of childrenbthe health of newborns or cthe sugar level of diabetics?

The apgar score is used to evaluate the health of a new born child.

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