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100 cl

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Q: How many Cl make one liter?
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Related questions

How many cl of water do i need to make 1 liter?

you need one hundred centilitre to make a litre

How many centre liters in a liter?

One liter is equal to 100 cL

How many cl equal one liter?

There are 100 centiliters per liter.

How many cL go into one liter?


Half a liter is how many cl?

There are 50 cl in 1 litre (liter).

How many cL are there in a liter?

There are 10ml in one cl. A litre contains 1000ml, so there are 100cl in one litre.

How many CL are in a Liter?

100cL per liter.

How many cl makes a liter?

100cL per liter.

100 cL is equal to how many liters?

100 cL is exactly 1 liter.CL Means Centi Liter100 (c.m) Centi meter is one meter100 (cl) Centi Liter is one Litter

How many centi litres in 1 litre?

One liter = 100 cL

How many 1 cl are in a l?

One centilitre is equal to 10 millilitres. 100 cl = 1 liter

How many liter equals to 130 cl?

1.3 Liters = 130 cl

.01 liter how many centiliters?

One cl 1 liter = 100 centiliters 1 centiliter = 0.01 liter

How many Cl in 1 liter?

tell me then

1.5 liter how many cl?


Is 10 cl equal 1 ml?

No. 10 cl is ten tenths of a liter, i.e. 1 liter. 1 ml is one one thousandth of a liter.Note: cl is non-standard usage.

How many cl in half a liter?

One-half liter equals 50cL* There are 100 centiliters per liter.

How do you convert a cl to a liter?

Divide by 100 to convert centiliter (cl) to liter

Which is greater a Liter or CL?

A liter is 100 times greater than a cL

How many centiliters in half a liter?

50 cl

How many centliter in a liter?

100 cl. in a litre

How many centliters are in a liter?

100 cl in a litre

How many CL is L?

If you are speaking about Roman numerals there is one-third CL in L: C = 100, L = 50, CL = 150 ... so, 50 (L) will equal one-third of 150 (CL). If you are speaking about metric measurements, there are one hundred centiliters in one liter: 100 cl = 1 l.

How many centiliters make 8.5 liters?

850 cl 1 liter = 100 centiliters 1 centiliter = 0.01 liter

How much is a liter versus centiliter?

1 liter = 100 cl 1 cl = 0.01 Liter

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