How many FRS are there?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How many FRS are there?
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The FRS stands for?

Fellow of Royal Society

Why is Sir Ronald Fisher considered to be the father of modern statistics?

Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher, FRS (1890 - 1962) was an English statistician, evolutionary biologist, and geneticist. Richard Dawkins described him as "The greatest of Darwin's successors", and the historian of statistics Anders Hald said "Fisher was a genius who almost single-handedly created the foundations for modern statistical science".His contributions to experimental design, analysis of variance, and likelihood based methods have led some to call him "The Father of Statistics".

Difference between interim dividend and final dividend?

An interim dividend is declared and paid by the directors subject to the members approval (at the AGM after the accounts have been laid before the members or members written resolution). A final dividend is a dividend approved by the members either in general meeting or by writen resolution. I think these used to be shown as proposed dividends before the latest FRS on events after the balance sheet date or final dividend paid if approved by the members in the year. I believe an interim dividend should be paid in cash but that a final dividend as it is approved by the members could be credited to a directors loan account at the date of approval rather than paid in cash

How many sums equal 76?

Infinitely many. Infinitely many. Infinitely many. Infinitely many.

How much chords can there be in a circle?

Infinitely many. Infinitely many. Infinitely many. Infinitely many.