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A "degree" in Celsius is 1.8 times as large an interval as a "degree" in Fahrenheit. So changes in temperature will be 1.8 times as large on the Fahrenheit scale than on the Celsius scale.


In Fahrenheit, freezing is 32° and boiling is 212° so there are 180 degrees in between. In the Celsius system there are only 100 (larger) degrees between those marks, so the ratio is 180/100 or 1.8 Fahrenheit degrees = 1 Celsius degree.

Example : Water freezes at 0 °C, which is the same as 32 °F. If the water temperature is raised by 10 degrees to 10° C, the Fahrenheit scale will indicate a change of 18 degrees, to 50 °F.

Conversion Formulas

°F = (1.8 x °C) +32 and °C = (°F-32) / 1.8

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One degree on the Fahrenheit scale is only 5/9 as large an interval as a degree on the Celsius scale, so a change in temperature is 1.8 times as large in Fahrenheit. And the scales are offset by 32°F, because 0°C is the same as 32°F.

The temperature 1°F is equal to -17.22 °C .

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit: Multiply the Celsius temperature by 9/5 and add 32 to get the temperature in Fahrenheit.

FORMULA: F = (9/5 * C) + 32

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius: Subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature and multiply this quantity by 5/9 to get the temperature in Celsius.

FORMULA: C = (F - 32) * 5/9

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Celsius degrees are 1.8 times larger than Fahrenheit degrees.

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Q: How many Fahrenheit degrees are in a celsius degree?
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