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Q: How many KWH used to run an oven at 180 degrees C for 1 hour?
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Why are degrees used to measure temperature?

There are many reasons why degrees are used to measure temperature. Degrees were coined by someone with the best idea.

How many degrees each side in a 12 sided polygon?

Degrees are used to measure angles, not the lengths of sides.

What is the measure of the angle formed by the hands of a clock where the hour hand is at five and the minute hand is at 12?

Let's work it out. A clock face is a circle. A circle has 360 degrees. It also has 12 hour marks. How many degrees per hour mark? To answer this kind of question you always do the same thing. Take "degrees per hour mark" and turn the "per" into "divided by". Then put in the numbers you have. This is how you calculate "miles per gallon" (divide the miles driven by the gallons used) or "percent" ("cent" means "100", so divide your number by 100). In our case, we divide 360 by 12. We get 30 degrees for each hour mark. You can check this formula by looking at a clock face and seeing if there are any familiar angles. You'll notice right away that the angle between 12 and 3 is a right angle. 30 * 3 = 90 degrees, which is a right angle. Good. Moving on. If the minute hand is on 12, and the hour hand is on 5, there are 5 hour marks between the hands. Now multiply 30 degrees by 5 to get the answer to your question, which is 150 degrees. It's always a good idea to check your answer to see if it makes sense. In this case, you can compare the answer to what you'd get for 3 o'clock (30 * 3 = 90) and 6 o'clock (30 * 6 = 180). Our answer is between these numbers, as it should be. And it's closer to 180 than to 90, as it should be. Hope this helps, Gdunge

What time will a clock show after the minute hand has moved 72 degrees?

Angle of 360 degrees = 1 hour = 60 minutes of time so 6 degrees = 1 minute of time so 72 degrees = 12 minutes of time. I have used "minutes of time" as the unit of time to avoid confusion with minute as a unit in which angles are measured (1/60 degree).

How many degrees does a triskaidecagon have?

Its 180(13-2)= 180(11)= 1980 I used the formula for determining angle degrees which is 180(n-2) when n=the number of sides

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How much energy is used to bake a regular cake in the oven?

27p....based on an hours baking, in a commercial oven, if you pay 17p for a Kw hour, at 160 degrees!

How do you make taquitos in the oven?

You can heat your taquitos in the oven at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes. A toaster oven can also be used.

What oven temperature is used to bake cheese bread?

200 degrees Celsius.

Can cooling racks be used in the oven?

Yes, cooling racks can be used in the oven. Many people use them in the oven daily for various things.

When baking a cake at 325degree in a gas oven vs electric oven should be set at what degree?

Gas ovens and electric ovens should both be set at 325 degrees in order to bake a cake at 325 degrees. The type of oven used does not effect the temperature at which a cake is baked.

What is the purpose of an oven broiler?

The oven broiler can be used for many things. It's the highest heat setting in the oven. Its main purpose is to be used for grilling many types of meat.

What temp do you cook shrinky dinks at in an oven?

yes, your shrinky dink may be used in your oven on 325-350 degrees for roughly 3 minutes.

What altitude would the sun be at if it was one hour before sun transit?

The sun would be at about 75 degrees, due to the fact that it is one hour less, and the formula used is-- hour difference / 15 degrees per hour. This means it would be a 15 degree difference, because it is only one hour change. 75 degrees is come up with because sun transit is when the sun is at 90 degrees; so 15 less is 75 degrees.

How long do you cook dirt to the kill germs?

The internal tempeture of the dirt should be 180 degrees F for one half hour. The dirt used should be moist, not muddy or dry. The dirt should be covered so the moisture stays in the dirt and helps heat it. Set the oven temp for 190. When an internal oven thermometer registers 180 degrees set the timer for one half hour. Be careful that the dirt doesn't get hotter than 200 degrees because undesirable things happen to the dirt at higher tempetures. Using aluminum baking trays and aluminum foil is a good way to go. If you cook then you know a chicken needs to be 180 in the thigh to be safe to eat, same here but the dirt needs a half hour at 180 degrees..

How many watts are in a microwave every week?

The total of watt/hours used by a microwave will vary, depending on the size (power) of the oven, and how much the oven is used.

What is principle of hot air oven?

A hot air oven is usually used for sterilizing items. They are very common in places like tattoo parlors, for example.

What is oven cleaner used for?

Oven cleaner cleans your oven.