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Impossible to answer ! You'd need to tell us all the dimensions and the thickness of the walls !

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Q: How many Metric Ton of extruded aluminum Scrap in 40' Container?
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How many metric tons of heavy iron scrap will a 20 feet container take?

Up to 22-23 mtons of shredded scrap.

What is scrap aluminum worth?


What is scrap price per pound for copper clad aluminum-?

The scrap price per pound for copper clad aluminum is $150.

What is the price of scrap aluminum in the UK?

Current prices of aluminum scrap in the UK are around $455 per MT. This price will vary depending on the grade of aluminum scrap you have as well as the price does vary on a daily basis with commodity pricing.

What is the current price of scrap aluminum in Ohio?

As of June 2011 - scrap aluminum prices in/near Michigan are Clean Aluminum Wheels$0.88 Unclean Al Wheels$0.73 Old Sheet Aluminum$0.63 Painted Aluminum$0.75 Cast Aluminum$0.63 Clip Aluminum$0.78 Extruded Aluminum$0.90 these prices are subject to change and you should call your scrap yard daily or check prices online

What is the current price for scrap aluminum?

44 cents a pound for aluminum cans. if you are a scrapper collecting siding and such, then i think its only 40 cents or 41 cents a pound. i think a case of beer is about a little less than a pound empty cans. just imagine how many empty cases of beer you need to drink to buy another one for 12 bucks prices may be different around places. i priced a few places in the Chicago area. Baltimore metal inc pays 75 cents a pound for aluminum cans elgin recycle 44 cents a pound south shore is 35 cents a pound. Average is 40 cents a pound Scrap aluminum pricing depends on how clean/prepared your aluminum scrap is as well as the grade of aluminum scrap metal. Some basic pricing as of June 2011 is Aluminum Cans $0.67/lb Aluminum Cans - Crushed $0.70/lb Painted Aluminum Siding $0.60/lb Extruded Aluminum $0.70/lb Sheet Aluminum $0.52/lb Always make sure that the scrap yard you are dealing with is paying close to Comex/LME Pricing.

How much is a pound aluminum?

Aluminum Scrap Metal will usually be priced somewhere between 20 cents per pound to 70 cents per pound. (As of 2016, the national average for recycled aluminum cans was about 50 cents per pound.) Lower grades of aluminum or dirty aluminum (aluminum mixed with other materials or having insulation) will command a lower value then clean heavy aluminum scrap. for example - see some example aluminum scrap prices below for mid June 2011, the price per pound. Old Sheet Aluminum $ 0.63 Extruded Aluminum $ 0.90 Irony Aluminum $ 0.18 --- *There is a fixed "deposit" price for beverage cans in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Vermont.

How does processing scrap metal affect the environment?

If you are recycling scrap metal, It effects the environment in a very positive way! recycling aluminum scrap keeps 95% of the pollution caused by mining new aluminum out of the air!

What is the price of scrap aluminum in NC?

who cares about thios

What is the price of scrap aluminum in northern Pa?


How much is scrap aluminum worth?

About 40 cents a pound.

Aluminum cans price per pound as scrap?