How many Primes in Transformers are there?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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there are 13 primes not 5.

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Q: How many Primes in Transformers are there?
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Is transformers 3 going to be called transformers rise of the primes or transformers tomb of the primes?

neither its called dark of the moon

How many primes are active in transformers?

Depends on if you ae talking about a series, a specific episode or movie. My son says that in Transformers 3 there is 2 primes active : Optimus Prime and Sentinal Prime.

Who voiced the primes in transformers revenge of the fallen?

peter Cullen

Is Transformers 3 going to be called rise of the primes?

i think it is

How did all of the primes die in Transformers?

The original Primes gave their lives to protect the Matrix of Leadership. I am not sure what happened to the others.

In Transformers Revenge of The Fallen who is The Fallen?

the fallen in transformers revenge of the fallen is one of the seven primes. the primes were the first transformers that were created. the fallen and the other primes were searching all over the Galaxy for energon. the energon harvester would destroy the sun to harvest the energon. the primes set out with one rule. never destroy a planet with life on it (the sun would destoy the planet). the fallen wanted to break that rule but the other primes managed to stop him. but he survived and his name became the fallen.

What are the names of the Primes alive in Transformers?

Optimus Prime is the only Prime alive.

Is all the transformer primes on transformers 3 dark of the moon?

Nope, only 2

Are the four kings in transformers 2 primes?

Yes. lol i watched it 2 days ago.

What are the names o the 7 primes in transformers 2?

The only named Primes are Prima, Optimus Prime's ancestor, Sentinel, leader of an expedition, Bendy-Bus Prime, whose status is unknown, and Optimus, the last of the Primes.

When the transformers 3 is getting released?

first off its not called transformers 3 rise of the primes its transformers rise of the chaos bringer(im sure it is!) and it will be out next year (2011)

Who are the newest autobots in transformers?

skid,mudflap,sideswipe,jetfire,the seven primes,arcee,flareup,another arcee,