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Q: How many T equals 8000lb?
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How many 8000lb equals tons?

4 US tons, 1 US ton is 2000lbs. 1 metric ton is 1000kg

If a equals t and t equals u what does a equals?

If A = T and T = U then A = U.

3 3 over 4 t equals how many lb?

it equals figure it out

1 T equals how many pounds?


16 quarts equals how many pints?


8 t equals how many pounds?


1 cup equals how many T?

1 cup = 16 tablespoons(T)

29 t equals how many oz?

29 t = 928 000 oz

2 T equals how many lbs?

_______lb = 2 T 700 lb

4500 kg equals how many tons?

4.5 t

How many tons does 8.41 t equals kilogram?


1000 t equals how many lb?

4,000,000 lbs.

5 t equals how many lb?


How many oz equals 2 T?

Each T is 0.5 oz, so 2 T is 1 oz.

Find s when t equals 10 if s is inversely proportional to t and s equals 100 when t equals 5?


How many oz equals 3 T?

0.5 oz = 1 T 1.5 oz = 3 T

If s is directly proportional to t and s equals 40 when t equals 15 find t when s equals 64?

s is directly proportional to t

T teaspoon equals how many ml?

1 tsp = 5ml

How many megatonne equals 1 t?

Mega means million.

How many tablespoons of whole coffee beans equals ground?

1 T of whole = 2 T of ground

What was jack's speed from t equals 5 sec to t equals 10 sec?

There is sufficient information to determine Jack's speed at t equals 10 seconds.

How many lbs equals tons?

2000 lbs = 1 t(US)

1 T 850 lb equals to how many lbs?

2850 lb

How many solutions does 3x-2yet equals -1 and 2x plus y equals 11 have?

I suspect the answer depends on the value of t.

How many clock hours equals a semester in college?

4320 clock hours equals to a semester in college