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Q: How many Units is equivalent to 1 katal?
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How many units of penicillin vk are there in 200mg of penicillin vk?

the units of penicillin V potassium 200 mg is about equivalent to 320,000 units. In generally 1 mg of penicillin V potassium is 1600 units.

How many units in 17?

How many units in 17

What is equivalent of 1 kilometer?

1 kilometer is equivalent to.. 1000 meters 100,000 centimeters I usually use the metric system, but there are more units that are equivalent to 1 kilometer.

1 ton is equivalent to how many inches?

A ton is a unit of mass. An inch is a unit of length. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many days are in a million minutes?

# of minutes * (1 hour / 60 minutes) = the equivalent # of hours # of hours * (1 day / 24 hours) = the number of days this can be used to convert any units # of bad units * ( the ratio of good units to bad units) = the equivalent # of good units so, 1,000,000 [min] * 1 [hour] / 60 [min] = 1,000,000/60 [hour] 1,000,000/60 [hour] * 1 [day] / 24 [hour] = (1,000,000/60)/24 [day] = 1,000,000/1,440 [day]

What are 7 SI units for chemistry?

There are seven quantities which have base units associated with themThese Quantities can be seen as :1 . Length - meter .2. Mass - kg.3. Temperature - Kelvin .luminous Intensity - Candela.5. Electric Current - Ampere .6. Electric Current -ampere .7.amount of substance = Mole

How many units equal 1 score?

1 score = 20 units

What number is equivalent to 1 cup?

A pure dimensionless (without units) number is never equivalent to a number with a unit.

How many centimeters are 20 meters?

20 meters is equivalent to 2000 centimetres, where 1 meter is 100 centimetres. One can find more information on the units of measurement from: Wikipedia, Convert Me, Units of Measure.

How many international units equals 1 billion international units?

1 billion.

How many kilowatt hours are produced by 1 megawatt?

These units do not have a direct relationship. Imagine kilowatt hours as the equivalent of work done, and megawatts (or kilowatts) as the equivalent of effort.To answer your question: 1 megawatt 'produces' 1000 kilowatts per hour.

10 units of inslin is how many cc?

Ten units is 1/10 of a CC.