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Well if you work here, the answer is 108 per admin. Might I add we all feel like jumping off a bridge. ============================================================= And if you are a "good" admin, 200+ A great admin, unlimited. The trick is to understand your systems, run as many automated processes possible, be very proactive in the "health check" of your systems, and MONITOR MONITOR MONITOR. Many problems are avoidable if monitoring processes were in place - especially monitoring the health of drives and/or the SMART of drives. The common phrase I hear as being a Windows admin is "Windows rot" - this is a bunch of baloney. Admins call it that when they dont know, nor do they care what the problem is which is causing the issue. So the common answer to this is - reload..... And reloading is not an issue if you have an automated backup/reloader. After being a Unix/Windows admin since Windows 3.1, I have almost seen everthing possible with operating systems and hardware. One important thing I have learned is, when a new system is in the process of being brought online, perform a backup, then a complete restore - record issues and learn from the problems - sooner or later, you will do the hard stuff without even thinking about it which will make the day go faster and smoother.

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Q: How many Windows servers can one administrator manage assuming a standard 8 hour day forty hour week?
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How many unix servers can one administrator manage assuming a standard 8 hour day forty hour week?

The number of servers depends on a number of factors for the administrator:Are the machines the same type, OS, etc?How familiar is the administrator with the OSHas the administrator automated a number of mundane tasks?What is on those servers?In other words there is no standard formula to tell what the maximum might be. It is too highly dependent on the individual and the tasks required to perform.

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In Windows, look at properties of Local Area Connection in Control Panel, then look at properties of TCP/IP. If you can't get there, go to a Command Prompt and type ipconfig /all and the DNS servers will be listed under Local Area Connection.If you are trying to set your DNS servers, use DHCP, or ask your network administrator for this information.

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I do not understand the last portion of your question. I am hoping that you have a dedicated Windows System Administrator to setup this network for you, AND and that servers will be local within this network. If the servers will be scattered geologically please note there might be firewall issues, you will need to change this on the appropriate network hardware. First start by creating the domain, you will be able to do this within active directory, the change the servers to the domain via Computer > Properties > Computer Name, you will need to make a computer placeholder within active directory for each additional computer/user you add tot he domain. Please reply back with questions and clarification on your question, we will be able to assist you further. Thank you! Shaun B. Nuphonicblue at Gmail

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