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2 football fields are 2.6 acres!

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Q: How many acres are in 2 football fields?
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How many football fields can you put in 10 acres?

Seven US NFL football fields will fit inside 10 acres with a little room left over. Each field is 1.3223 acres.

How many football fields would fit in 2 and half acres?

One whole field with some room left over.

How many football fields can you fit in 2 miles?

35.2 American football fields.

How many football fields in a quarter of a mile?

4.4 American football fields.

How many feet are 2 football fields?

600 feet.

How much water can 1 gallon of oil spread across?

1 quart will cover over 2 acres... So 1 gallon will cover over 8 acres(12 football fields).

How big is ten acres?

Ten acres is the equivalent of 435,600 square feet. A football field including end zones is 57,600 square feet. Ten acres works out to a little over 7 and a 1/2 foot ball fields.

How many acres is a full size football pitch?

2 acres but some smaller clubs have smaller pitches than bigger clubs.

How many football fields are in 0.80 square kilometers?

A football field is 6400 yd^2, which, in square kilometers, is around 0.0054. 0.8/0.0054 = 148. You could fit 148 football fields into 0.8 km^2

Is 1 hectare 2 football fields?


How many inches are in two football fields?

Two football fields are 7,200 inches long, if you count one football field as 100 yards. 2 football fields x 100 yards per football field x 3 feet in a yard x 12 inches in a foot = 7200 inches.

How many acres is UK football pitch?

A typical football pitch is about 110 yards by about 70 yards (the rules allow some flexibility in the size) so that a pitch covers about one and a half acres of field or, including the immediately surrounding land that goes with it, the football pitch takes up about 2 acres

How many feet are in 2 acres?

Answer: 2 acres = 87,120 ft²

How many hectares in 2 acres?

2 acres = 0.809371284 hectares

How many acres is 2 km?

Answer: 2 km² = 494.210 acres

How many acres is 2 miles by 2 miles?

2,560 Acres.

How many square feet is .2 acres?

Answer: .2 acres = 8,712 ft²

How many acres in 2 miles?

2 Square Miles = 1,280 Acres

How many acres are in Florida?

34,721,280 acres

How many acres in 2 hectares?

Just under 5 acres . . . about 4.94 acres.

How many acres in 2 square miles?

There are 1280 Acres in 2 Square miles.

How many square feet in 2 acres?

2 acres = 87,120 square feet.

How many feet make 2 acres?

2 acres = 87,120 square feet.

How many square ft in 2 acres?

87120 square ft. in 2 acres.

How many hectare is 2 acres?

Two acres is about 0.81 hectare.