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Depends where you live and what condition your pastures are in, and what the weight is of these cattle: are they weaned steers/heifers or mature cows with/without calves? You may only need 150 acres for 150 cattle, or you may need 1500 acres for 150 cattle. Check with your local agricultural extension office for more a more definite estimate of your stocking rate for your area.

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Q: How many acres do 150 beef cattle need?
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How many acres do you need fur feeder cattle?

It all depends on how many horses you have. You need one acre per horse for forage. So, say you have 6 horses, you need 6 acres.

What is cattle roundup?

A cattle roundup is when Ranchers get together on their horses and help another rancher gather his/her cattle (usually hundreds of cattle) from mountain summer pastures. Usually lasts for a couple of days depending on how many acres the cattle need to be gathered.

Why do you need cows?

Cattle are one of the main food sources for humans, without cattle there would be no beef or milk.

What are facts about raising beef cattle?

Raising beef cattle is simply raising cattle for their meat. The meat is the end product of raising these animals, either in the feedlot, on pasture or a mix of each. There are several sectors to raising beef cattle: seedstock cow-calf, commercial cow-calf, background/stocker, and feedlot. Not all beef cattle require daily supplementation of grains. Many beef cattle can be raised on pasture without supplementation, except for salt and minerals. It takes less effort to raise beef cattle than dairy cattle. As long as they have good pasture, water, salt and minerals they're just fine. No need for milking twice a day, cleaning out stalls or having to herd them into a barn every night. It's not easy, and not for everyone. It does have its hard, hands-on real dirty work that many people shy away from. You need to manage your operation to be as low-cost as possible. This is often easier for the cow-calf guys to do than the feedlot or most of the backgrounders to do.

What was the main reason that ranchers began to rise cattle for products other than beef?

Cattle ranchers are and always have raised (not "rise") cattle for beef, they've never began to raise cattle for products other than beef for any reason. Of course you may be referring to those ranchers who raise cattle to sell their cattle to other ranchers who need those type of cattle for their operations. Seedstock or purebred cattlemen still contribute to the beef industry, though, when they cull out cows, bulls, heifers and steered young bulls because they do not fit or are inferior to the type of stock they need to raise to sell to other seedstock producers or commercial producers.

Why did Eastern states need beef?

Most or the cattle there had been slaughtered and consumed by the union and confederate armies.

How many acres does a property need to be big?


How many acres do you need to be considered a farm in Texas?

25 acres

Why did they raise cattle on ranches?

Ranches were and are the only places that a person can raise a large number of beef cattle on for income. One cannot raise cattle in cities or towns unless it's for a family and their need for milk.

How many acres do you need if you have a chinchilla?

you need 5

How many acres do you need to have 102 feet squared?

Answer: 10,404 ft² = 0.238842 acres.

How many acres per horse in Montana?

You will need more acres per horse in the southern part of Alberta than the north. Average is around 4 acres per horse, and up to 1.5 acre per horse in the northern parts. Though that's on excellent quality pasture: stocking rates may be a bit less on less-quality pasture. Not to mention that horses need room to run, unlike cattle, so you will need to add on a couple extra acres in addition to the amount that they will graze.