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I've heard you need atleast an acre and a half per horse.

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Q: How many acres of grass dose a horse need?
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If a horse barn held 30 horses how many acres are needed of grass?

Roughly 30-40 acres

How many acres does a horse need?

Where I lived in Maryland it was required to have about an acre per horse, we had 2.5 acres and 2 horses lived comfortably on it, but it would be better if you could obtain about 2 acres just for the grass advantage. Hope this helps!

How many acres per horse in Montana?

The minimum amount 'of acres per horse required by the state of Montana is 3 acres. The USA acres per horse is 2.

How many acres per horse?

The acreage limit for 1 horse is approximately 5 acres, but if you have 10 acres and it is good grass you can put 3 horses on the peice of acreage. If it is'NT good grass though you should only put 2 on there. One horse needs one acre of fertile land. There should not be any harmful or posionous weeds/plants in the horse's pasture. If you have 2+ horses, you need the same amount of acres.

How many cattle will 100 acres support?

I've always heard that the rule of thumb is: One cow per acre or One horse per 3 acres. The difference is that a horse pulls up the grass and a cow cuts the grass. Also - It can depend on where the property is... south Texas is more like 2 acres per cow, farther north can be 2 per acre.

How many acres dose the base of the great pyramid of khufu cover?

14.35 acres.

How many acres dose yosemite have?

Yosemite National Park's area is 761,330 acres.

How many acres do you have to have in Raisinville township Michigan to have a horse?

How many acres do you need to own a horse in Raisinville Township, Monroe Michigan

How many acres are required for 1 horse in Michigan?

On average, you should have at least 2 acres per horse.

How many acres do you need for 1 horse in west Virginia?

The law is about 1-2 acres per horse.

How many acres per horse do you need to have in SC?

It is good to have at least 2 or 3 acres for one horse. I used to have three horses, and we had them in a 6-acre pasture. They mowed down the grass very fast, and we sold one of them because we didnt have enough room.

How many miles is a horse track?

how many acres is needed to bluid a horse track?