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About 320,000 acres. Incidentally, 2011 is the first year since USDA has been recording such data that Idaho actually has more corn acres (350,000) than potato acres.

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Q: How many acres of potatoes does Idaho have in 2011?
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How many acres in Idaho?

Idaho is 53,500,000 acres.

How many acres are in the state of Idaho?

Idaho's area is 53,531,000 acres.

How many pounds of potatoes grown in Idaho in 2009?

13.1 billion pounds of potatoes were produced by Idaho farmers in 2009 on a total of 319,000 acres yielding an average of 41,100 pounds per acre.

How many acres of land cover Idaho?

Idaho has 52,891,596.8 acres of land.

What are Idaho potatoes?

Idaho potatoes are any potatoes grown in Idaho, which is one of the biggest producers of potatoes. White potatoes are any type of potato that has a white skin, like Kennebec. Potatoes come in many colors: red, russet, gold, even purple. Idaho is known mostly for their Russet potatoes. but not all potatoes are grown in Idaho. people like to get Idaho potatoes because they are uniquely from Idaho. i used to live their.

How many Idaho potatoes in a pound?

It depends how big the potatoes are

How many potatoes are there in Idaho?


Why is Idaho known for it's potatoes?

Because many of the potatoes eaten in the US are grown there.

How many potatoes are grown in Idaho?

The amount of potatoes produced are not counted individually, but in terms of weight. Also, we need to know what time period you are referring to for this question. But just for example, Idaho's 2011 potato production was 12.7 billion pounds of potatoes with an average yield of 39,800 pounds per acre.

How many potatoes does Idaho grow each year?

For a proget \

Where are potatoes mostly grown?

I believe the potatoe is mostly grown in Idaho around Bosie Another answer: Potatoes are grown throughout the world in both cool and warm climates. Although Idaho is famous for large white Idaho potatoes, there are many different varieties. Potatoes are very popular with home gardeners on nearly every continent.

How many acres in a circle with a cicumfrence of 1 mile?

Approx 2011 acres.

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