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there are 64 basic adavus categorized to 9 heads

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Q: How many adavus in bharatanatyam?
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What are kattu adavus?

A group of leg and foot positions in bharatanatyam.

In Bharatanatyam what does ete adavu mean?

An adavu is a dance step. many adavus in a sequence makes a dance.

What is the Tripataka?

The Tripataka Hasta is commonly used in Bharatanatyam in Adavus, etc. It means the three parts of the flag. It is shown by holding your arm out at shoulder level and bending the ring finger.

Which is harder bharatanatyam or kickboxing?

bharatanatyam becuz it has many moves than kick boxing

What is the need of learning Adavu before learning bharatanatyam?

Adavus are the building blocks of many other dances that you will learn in the future. They help you feel the rhythm (tala).During the adavu stage, a dancer learns to keep his/her arms in the correct position, how to sit in good Aramandi, and how to keep a pleasant expression while dancing. If these basics aren't learned during adavus, it can be hard to learn them while doing more advanced repertoire such as Jatiswaram, Varnam, and so on.hope this helps and good luck!

Where do you get good instructional Bharatanatyam DVD videos for beginners?

There are many instructional Bharatanatyam DVDs on

How to study bharatanatyam?

There is an exhaustive guide on:

What is the difference between kuchipudi and bharatnatyam?

There are many differences....but some are: Kuchipudi has lip movement, while bharatanatyam does not....Bharatanatyam is known for its stiff posture, whereas kuchipudi is more fluid movement. Their costumes are different too.

What is a bharatanatyam dress called?


Where did Bharatanatyam start?

In South India.See

Who is the author of science of bharatanatyam?

Saroja Vaidyanathan

How many years has ballet been going on?

Bharatanatyam has been around for 2,004 years.