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Q: How many aeroplan points do you get for each dollar spent at home hardware?
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What are some perks of having the CIBC Visa Aerogold card?

Some perks of having the CIBC Visa Aerogold card are earn 1 Aeroplan Mile for every dollar spent, earn 1.5x Aeroplan Mile at gas, grocery and drug stores, have insurance benefit, including Flight Delay and Baggage Insurance. That are some beneficial features of the Visa.

What is a fraction dollar?

kumba has one dollar. He spent 1/2 of the dollar on a pencil and 2/10 of the dollar on an eraser. What fraction of the dollar did he spent?

What does Gamestop points do?

Gamestop point allow the card holder to receive discounts once so many points are collected. Points are scored for each dollar spent: 10 points/ dollar spent on all new games and consoles, 20 points/ dollar spent on pre-owned games and consoles, 20 points/ dollar on traded-in games and consoles, and up to 500 points for activating your power up card online, completing your profile and establishing your game library. Hope this helped

Can you order flowers online and receive MyPoints points?

Yes, you can order flowers online and receive MyPoints points. You can order from FTD flowers and receive 20 MyPoints for every dollar spent, which is a very good deal.

What are some credit cards that I can get that offer point rewards for purchasing gas?

Chase Leisure Rewards offers points for every dollar spent on gas. You can use your points for a variety of rewards including gift cards and airline travel.

How much money is one US dollar worth in the Bahamas?

There are different values of the U.S. dollar when it is spent in other countries. However, one U.S. dollar is worth one Bahamian dollar when spent in that country.

How many flying club reward points are on offer with Hertz rental cars?

Currently the figure for flying club reward points on offer with Herz rental cars stands at seventy five per United States Dollar spent. Additional points may be awarded to frequent customers.

Can spent Nintendo Points be refunded?

No, you cannot get a refund.

What is the largest portion of the average us dollar spent on?


How much money is spent on sympathy gifts?

5 dollar

Julio spent 0.63 on an energy bar what fraction of a dollar did he spend?

63 cents is 63/100 of a dollar

How much money was spent to fix the damages of hurricane Mitch?

5 dollar 5 dollar foot long