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Watts is the figure used to show how much power a device consumes.

Watts = volts * amps OR watts / volts = amps, so:

At 120 volts, 1000 watts / 120 volts = 8.33 amps, or:

At 220 volts, 1000 watts / 220 volts = 4.55 amps

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Q: How many amps does a 1000 watt metal halide bulb draw?
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Can A 70 watt metal halide bulb be replaced with A 150 watt halide bulb?

No. A 70 Watt metal halide bulb can not be replaced with a 150 Watt halide bulb.

Does a fluorescent bulb emit the same amount of heat as a metal halide bulb of the same wattage?

No, a fluorescent bulb does not emit the same amount of heat as a metal halide bulb of the same wattage.

Can you run a 250 metal halide bulb on a 400 watt metal halide ballast?

No ballast must match lamp

Why Metal halide fixture with a 175 w bulb and correct ballast could overheat?

Make sure you are using a metal halide bulb and the ballast is matched to the wattage on the bulb. These both must be correct.

Can you use a 400W high pressure sodium bulb in a metal halide ballast?

No,you cant. you can run metal halide bulbs in hps but not hps in metal halide. they have to be same wattage. i.e.- 250 halide in 250 watt hps ballast..

Can you use 250W metal halide bulb in a 1000W metal halide ballast?

No. The lamp has to match the ballast. The lamp will not ignite if the wrong ballast is used.

Can you use a 400W high pressure sodium ballast with a 400W metal halide bulb?

I actually have a 400w hps ballast and I can also use my 400w metal halide bulb in it with no problem. So what your saying is they do, but they dont? the answer is, they dont. You can get universal bulbs hps to plug into a mh ballast they have a miniturized igniter inside the bulb. As I understand it, a 400W metal halide bulb can be used with a 400W hps ballast, but not the converse. A MH bulb has the igniter in the bulb, and the HPS has it in the ballast--which pretty much goes along with your comment above. Apparently the double presence of the igniter in the HPS setup is can run metal halide in same wattage's but not hps in metal halide can run such as (same wattage's)250 watt metal halide-400 watt halide ect in hps systems but not hps bulbs in halide systems. they make conversion bulbs to run halide in hps as well and vice versa.

How does a metal halide ballast work?

A metal halide ballast works just by transforming the line voltage into much more useful voltage to the metal halide, and by regulating the current so that the bulb will have its useful life at the most.

How many Lumens in a 100Watt MH bulb?

How many lumens are in a 100 Watt Metal Halide bulb

How many amps does a 1000 watt bulb draw at 220 volts?

Divide 1000 by 220 = 4.5 amps

Can a 400 watt metal halide bulb replace a 250 watt bulb using the same fixture?

Generally not

How many plants can you grow with 175 metal halide bulb?

one or two max

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