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Q: How many angles does a scalene triangle?
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How many equal angles does have a scalene triangle have?

no angles in a scalene triangle should be equal. its called a scalene triangle because none of the angles or sides ar similar or congruent.

A scalene triangles have how many angles?

A scalene triangle has 2 equal angles

How many of the same sides does a scalene triangle have?

A scalene triangle's sides and angles are all different.

Does a scalene triangle have congruent angles?

No, An equilateral triangle has 3 congruent angles, an isosceles triangle has 2 congruent angles, a scalene triangle has no congruent angles.

What is a triangle with no equal sides and no equal angles?

A triangle with no equal sides and no equal angles is called a scalene triangle. In contrast, a triangle with equal sides and equal angles is called an equilateral triangle. A triangle with two equal sides and two equal angles is an isosceles triangle.

How many equal angles dose an scalene triangle have?

3 angles

A scalene triangle has 2 scalene angles also?

does a equilateral triangle have 2 interior angles

Can a scalene triangle have two congruent angles?

no because if an scalene triangle had 2 congruent angles it wouldn't be a scalene it would be a isosceles triangle because an isosceles triangle is the only triangle with 2 congruent angles

What triangle is scalene?

a scalene triangle with all sides and angles different

What Scalene triangle?

a scalene triangle with all sides and angles different

Triangle with no equal sides angles or sides?

A triangle with no equal sides or angles will always be classified as 'scalene'.

What is the Number of equal angles on a scalene triangle?

scalene triangle dose not have any equal sides or angles =)