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There are four angles in a trapezoid since a trapezoid is a quadrilateral. A quadrilateral has four sides and four angles.

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A trapezoid is a 4 sided quadrilateral whose 4 interior angles add up to 360 degrees.

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Q: How many angles does a trapezoids have?
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A trapezoid has how many angles?

The trapezoids have 4 angles

Do trapezoids have 2 angles?

Trapezoids actually have 5 angles (Including the straight angle).

Do some trapezoids have 4 right angles?

Yes. Those trapezoids with four right angles are called squares. Since in order to be a trapezoids, a shape must be a quadrilateral with with one set of parallel lines, and a square fits those requirements. In conclusion, the trapezoids that have four right angles are squares.

Can trapezoids have 3right angles?

no because then it is not a trapezoid.

Do all trapezoids have 3 right angles?


When a hexagon is broken into a trapezoid how many angles does it have?

A hexagon can be broken into any number, k (≥3) of trapezoids, and these will have 4k angles.

Do trapezoids have 4 interior angles?

Yes, trapezoids have four interior angles. However, not all of the angles are equal. There are two acute angles and two obtuse angles in a trapezoid.

Do some trapezoids have four interior angles?

They all have 4 interior angles.

What to quadrilaterals have no right angles how do you know?

Rhombuses and trapezoids have no right angles by definition.

Quadrilaterals have no right angles?

Certain quadrilaterals have right angles. Right trapezoids are the most general example. Rectangles are specialized right trapezoids, and squares are specialized rectangles. There may be more but I can't recall them. Many rhombuses and parallelograms have no right angles. However, they might (and then you'd probably call them squares or rectangles but they are also technically rhombuses, parallelograms and trapezoids).

Why are not all trapezoids similar?

Their angles need not be the same.

Do trapezoids have 2 pairs of congruent angles?