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Q: How many apples do you waste a year?
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How many macintoch apples will a tree produce a year?

A tree producing Macintosh Apples are yet to be found.

How many pounds do people produce as body waste in a year?

It is said that you alone body waste 410 pounds a year

Are apples renewable?

Apples are renewable as they grow year after year on the same tree !

How many pears grapes and apples from Washington grown in a year?

l lot

How many apples are produced in the US each year?

the most was 277.3 million cartons in 1998

How many times a year do people die from apples?

although extremely rare, many people die from apples yearly. Its not so much a choking hazard but a throwing. many poor terrorists use apples as weapons to throw at people they want dead about 300 people a year die from this hope this helps

How many cupcakes go to waste each year?

It is impossible to find out how many cupcakes go to waste each year. If you are inquiring about a specific company or business, then there would be data showing the range of loss of product. This is like saying "how many pounds of food at buffets go to waste each year".

Were abouts can apples grow in Australia?

Many apples are grown in Tasmania the Riverina area Bilpin and Orange in NSW.

What year was Apples To Apples made?

it was made thirtynine years ago

How many apples will be there if you take 3 apples from 5 apples?

2 apples.

You take two apples from 7 apples how many apples do you have?

5 apples

How many apples grow on an apple tree?

Literal: 200 - 400 a year Joke: All of them.