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3 apples to 1 pound
Therefore 3 x 4 = 12 apples

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Q: How many apples weighing one third pound each would it take to total 4 pounds?
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What is the cost of seven and two third pounds of apples at 51 cents per pound?

It is: 7 and 2/3 times 51 = 391 cents

600 grams of apples is equivalent to how many cups?

600 grams is a little more than one pound 500 grams to a pound. 600 grams is equal to three cups, although this may differ a little between fresh apples and dried apples. Actually a pound is 454 grams so 600 g is about one and a third pounds.

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What is the decimal form of one third of a pound?

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How many apples would it take to equal a pound if they weighed one third of a pound?

3 because 3 times 1/3 equals 1

What is a pound and a half divided by 1 third?

1.5 pounds/(1/3)=1.5 pounds*3=4.5 pounds. You are talking about weight, right? not the English currency?

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A third of a pound and a half is the same as one and a half divided by three. This is (1 1/2)/3 = (3/2)/3 = 1.5/3 = 0.5 lb Therefore, it is a half pound.

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