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A dozen always equals to 12.

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Q: How many are there in a dozen?
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Related questions

How many is a dozen?

A dozen is 12.

How many in a half of dozen?

A dozen is twelve, half a dozen is 6.

How many dozen candy plates?

There are 12 in a dozen and 13 in a baker's dozen

How many 2 pence are there in a dozen?

A dozen is twelve. There are 12 anythings in a dozen.

How many 30p stamps are there in a dozen?


How many is in 1 dozen?

A dozen is 12, except when referring to a baker's dozen, which is 13.

How many dozen equals 1 gross?

12 as gross is dozen dozen or 144

How many dozen atoms of hydrogen are present in a dozen molecules of h20?

2 dozen

How many dozens are in 3 fourths dozen?

3/4 dozen or 0.75 dozen.

How many in one dozen?

12 equals one dozenA dozen is 12.

How many dozen are 7.5 cupcakes?

There are 12 to a dozen. If you have 7.5 cupcakes, you have less than one dozen .625 of a dozen.

How many items are in a dozen?

One dozen = 12

How many stamps are there in a dozen?

There are 12 of anything in a dozen.

How many objects in a gross?

A dozen dozen, or 144

75 is how many dozen?

6.25 dozen = 75

How many dozen in 12 gross?

144 dozen

How many tablespoons in a dozen?

A ' dozen ' of anything is 12.

How many 3 cent stamps in a dozen?

a dozen

How many things are in a dozen?

There are 82 items in a dozen.

How many years are in a dozen?

There are twelve in a dozen. Of anything.

How many eggs in half a dozen?

there are six eggs in a half dozen. 12 in a whole dozen.

How many birds are in 2 dozen?

A dozen equals 12 and so 2 dozen is 24

How many dozen is in 1 gross?

There are 12 dozen in a gross. A dozen is 12 and gross is 144.

How many eggs are there in two dozen?

24 eggs are the equivalent of two dozen eggs. A dozen is 12, while a baker's dozen is 13.

How many oz equal a dozen?

12 of anything is a dozen