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It depends upon how deep you want it covered. To cover it one inch deep would take 112 sq ft X 1/12 ft = 9.3 cubic feet = 2 bags @ 5 cubic feet each.

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Q: How many bags of 5 cubic feet of gravel would it take to cover about 112 suare feet of area?
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How much gravel in one cubic foot of gravel?

A: One cubic foot. That would be 0.037 cubic yard (rounded)

How many bags of 1.5 cubic feet of gravel would it take to cover about 3000 square feet of area?

The volume that needs to be filled is 132ft * 1.5in = 132ft*(1.5/12)ft=132ft*0.125ft=16.5 cubic feet of gravel needed. ---- 1 cubic foot is 1,728 cubic inches (12 in x 12 in x 12 in) The area described above is 28,512 cubic inches divided by 1,728 cubic inches or 16.5 cubic feet

How many bags of pea gravel would you need to cover 368 square feet if it covered .5 cubic feet per bag?

It would obviously depend on how thickly you wanted to cover the surface, and how 'tall' a single unit of pea gravel was. You would need 736 bags per foot depth.

How many yards of gravel would cover 400 sq ft at 6 thick?

I think you mean 6 inches thick, not 6 feet thick. You would need 200 cubic feet, or 7.4 cubic yards.

How many bags of .5 cubic feet of gravel would it take to cover about 200 square feet of area?

It would take roughly 66 bags to cover a 200 square ft area 2 inches thick

How many pounds in a cubic yard?

It would depend on what you are measuring. A cubic yard of mulch is lighter than a cubic yard of gravel.

How many bags of 5 cubic feet of gravel would it take to cover about 62 square feet?

Depends on the depth of the gravel also. If depth is "D" feet then volume required is 62 x D cubic feet. Since each bag has 5 cubic feet you would need (60 x D)/5 bags (round it up to next higher number (as most shops won't sell you fractions of a bag).

How many yards of gravel do you need to cover a 10' x 10' area?

Well, I depends on how deep you want the layer of gravel to be. But, if you just want a enough gavel to cover the space I would say about 15 to 20 bags of it. Trust me, I have done the exact same thing you are about to do. (you can get the gravel bags from Lowe's for super cheap)

What is 4 cubic meter's weight?

It would depend on the contents of the cubic meter, 4 cubic meters of air would not have a measureable weight, and 4 cubes of sand/gravel would weigh considerably more.

How much gravel needed to cover driveway 150ft by 10ft and one inch thick?

You would need about 5 cubic yards. Gravel is usually sold by the ton. I do not know that conversion. Who ever would deliver it for you should be able to help. If I were using crushed concrete I would use 15 tons... but I can not spread it 1" thick either.

How many bags of 5 cf gravel would it take to cover about 170 squar feet 6 inches deep?

Area is 170 square feet. Depth is 6 inches or 1/2 foot, so volume to be filled is 170 x 1/2 = 85 cubic feet. Each bag has 5 cubic feet of gravel, so you would need 85/5 = 17 bags

How much gravel to fill 81 meters squared?

Gravel is bought in cubic quantities, or by weight. You ask "to fill" but you only give a square measure. The volume of gravel required wil depends on the depth you wish the gravel to be. To fill 81 square metres to a depth of 5 cm would require 4.05 cubic metres of material.