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Q: How many bank cubic meter is 1 metric ton of coal?
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How many tons of fly ash are equal to one cubic meter of fly ash?

1.2 metric tons equals 1 cubic meter of Fly ash (one of the residues of coal combustion).

How much does a of cubic meter of coal weight?

First find the bulk density of coal as per the respective grade. then multiply density with volume you will get mass

What is BCM in coal mining term?

Bank Cubic Metre (Mining Term) - a cubic metre of rock or material in situ before it is extracted

Which countries have coal?

China produces almost half of world's coal; Australia exports the most coal; Japan imports the most coal.Top coal producers, according to the World Coal Institute as of 2006 are:China at 2,482 metric tonsUnited States at 990 metric tonsIndia at 427 metric tonsAustralia at 309 metric tonsSouth Africa at 244 metric tonsRussia at 233 metric tonsIndonesia at 169 metric tonsPoland at 95 metric tonsKazakhstan at 92 metric tonsColombia at 64 metric tonsSouth Africa, Uruguay, Uganda

How much does a cubic meter of coal cost?

The price varies across the world and it also depends on whether you are a domestic customer or an industrial one.

How much does a cubic foot of crushes coal weigh?

Pulverised coal = 38 pounds per cubic foot

What is the cubic measurement of one ton of anthracite coal? says 35.314 cubic feet per 1 ton of bituminous coal. My coal supplier tells me to figure about 36 cubic feet for my antrhacite pea coal wikianswers says about 40 cubic feet per ton of antrhacite.

How much does a cubic foot of coal weight?

A cubic foot of coal "pieces" weighs between 40 and 60 pounds. A solid cubic foot of coal can weight up to 84 pouinds. A coal hopper rail car contains 100 tons of coal. I hate you gety a book from quezboy

Weight of cubic yard of coal?

Coal is an organic substance, and does not have a "standard" weight per volume. It depends on the type of coal, and where it was mined. Additionally coal was delivered in different sized lumps or chunks, which also affected the weight per volume. A cubic foot of coal can weight from under 40 to over 60 pounds, so a cubic yard of coal (27 cubic feet) would run from roughly 1,080 to 1,620 pounds.

What is cubic feet for 1 ton of anthracite rice coal?

40 -50 cubic ft. relative to the cut of coal, rice, lump etc.

What is the cost of coal?

The cost of coal is very high. Truly, it is at the rate of $15.22 per metric ton.

What coal seams were worked at hartley bank colliery netherton?

What coal seams were worked at hartley bank collery

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