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Q: How many baseballs fit in volume of 65 cubic yards?
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The volume of a box is 5184 cubic inches How many cubic yards is the volume of the box?

A box with a volume of 5,184 cubic inches has an equivalent volume of 0.11 cubic yards.

How many bags of soil for 1.5 cubic yards?

1.5 divided by the volume of your bag in cubic yards. 40.5 divided by the volume of your bag in cubic feet.

How many cubic yards in 240 cubic feet?

240 cubic feet = about 8.9 cubic yards. (8.88888889 cubic yards).

How many yards are in 44.32 cubic feet?

Yards can't be converted to cubic feet. Yards measure length, while cubic feet measure volume.

Is 360 cubic feet how many cubic yards?

Square feet does not equate to volume.

How many inches in 9.6 cubic yards?

Inches are a measure of length or distance. Cubic yards are a measure of volume. That cannot be converted.

How many cubic meters in 3 cubic yards?

AnswerLess than one as a meter is larger than a yard. Wonderful.The number is 0.7646 (rounded)

How many cubic yards an acre?

An acre is an area, a cubic yard is a volume, the question has no meaning

How many cubic yards are in 27 square yards?

That makes no sense. -Square yards is AREA. -Cubic yards is VOLUME . They are totally different. (However, 3 yards cubed, i.e. 3 yards x 3 yards x 3 yards = 27 CUBIC yards)

How many yards of concrete for 24' x 40' 4 slab?

Volume = 11.85 Cubic Yards.

How many yards to a cubic meter?

You cannot covert distance to volume.

How many psi is in 33 cubic yards?

Pressure is measured in units of psi. Cubic yards per unit volume is measured and the two do not compare.