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A cone does not really have a base but if you find the circumference of the bottom that is the base.

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Q: How many bases does cone have?
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Related questions

How many bases in a cone?

Only one.

How many circular bases are in a cone?

one base

How many circular bases does a cone have?

Only ONE!

How many bases does the cone have?

It has one circular base

How many curves and flats surface does a cone have?

it has 67 bases

How many more bases does a cylinder have then a cone?

it has one more, because a cylinder has 2 and a cone has one.

How many bases does a cone have?

It has one because the round surface does not count.

What are the bases of a cone?

A cone has only one base, and it is a circle.

Is a parabola formed when a plane slices through a double cone perpendicular to the bases of the cone?

No. A hyperbola is formed when a plane slices a cone perpendicular to the bases.

How many vertex edges and bases does a cone have?

0 vertex edges and 1 base.

Does a cone and a cylinder both have square bases?

Neither have square bases, both have circular bases.

Do all cone have circular bases?

Yes. And Its Do All Cones Have Circular Bases.

How may bases does a cone have?

1 circular base

What characteristic do a cylinder and a cone have in common?

has 0 bases

Does a cone have atleast 2 congruent parallel bases?

No but a cylinder does have 2 parallel bases

Is a hexagonal cone a prism?

No. A prism has congruent bases (top and bottom). A cone has a base and a point on top.

How is the cylinder and cone different?

Cylinder and cone are different because:Cylinder doesn't have the sharp point at the end as cone has.Cylinder has two circular bases while cone only has one.

Does a cone has two parallel bases that are congruent circle?


Is the base of the cone and cylinder are they polgons?

no, since the bases are circles.

It has rectangular faces and with 2 parallel bases that are congruent?


What has a circular bases with curve surface and its pointed with one and?

A cone.

Is a shape that has 2 circular bases a cone?

It's a cylinder

What is the difference between a cylinder and a cone?

A cylinder has two bases that are circles but a cone only has one base then a vertex.

What is the difference between cone and cylinder?

A cylinder has two bases that are circles but a cone only has one base then a vertex.

A prism with bases shaped like hexagons?

I think its called a cone