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Q: How many billions of dollars are donated to charities each year?
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Does France export oil?

Yes, billions of dollars worth of oil is exported in France each year.

Did Angelina Jolie donate a million dollars to the Haiti relief fund?

Yes. She and Brad Pitt each donated one million dollars to the Doctors without Borders charity and they also donated to Wyclef's charity.

How many billions of dollars are saved each year by using public transportation?


What are the damage or chaos done by an earthquake?

Earthquakes are responsible for billions of dollars in damages each year.

How many billions dollars are saved each year by Americans using public transportation if they live in transit intensive areas?


How many cars go on the highway each day?

Billions and Billions and Billions Billions and Billions and Billions Billions and Billions and Billions Billions and Billions and Billions Billions and Billions and Billions Yeah incase u don't get it HEAPS

If 300 million Americans each received ten thousand dollars what would the total amount be in terms of millions or billions?

Neither one. It would be 3 trillion dollars which could be expressed as 3,000 billion dollars.

How much total money is spent in US on gifts each year?

There are billions of dollars that are spent each year in the United States on gifts. The bulk of this money is spent on Christmas gifts.

How much money would it take to end world hunger if every American donated?

Seeing as it would take between 30 and 40 billion dollars each year to provide and maintain the necessary agricultural plantations, between thirty and forty dollars each year.

Is it true Our galaxy contains many billions of universes and each universe contains many billions of stars.?

No. The universe contains billions of galaxies including our own, and each galaxy contains billions of stars.

What does Apple spend on advertising?

Apple is an industry leader in electronics and earns billions of dollars each year. Apple spends approximately $900 million to advertise its products annually.

Does Justin Bieber donate to charity?

yes he does. he is currrently involved in a charity called Pencils for Promise which builds schools for children.