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How many boxes of copper pennys make a ton?

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The answer depends on how many pennies are in each box.

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How many 1950 copper pennys were made?


How many copper pennys were made in 1943?

There are no exact records of the number of copper pennies made in 1943. It was about 40. Most pennies that year were made of steel.

How many pennys make a million?

Strangely enough, a million pennies make a million [pennies].

How many ways are there to make 16 cents using dimes and pennys?


How many pennies make 10 us dollars?

100 pennys=$1.00 do the math.

How many dollars are in 1 billion pennys?

1 billion pennies (not pennys) = 10 million dollars.

How many 1 pennys make up the size of the empire state building?

it is unknown....sorry for not knowing

How many pennys can make 3.00?

300 you just need to multiply the amount (3.00) by 100 to get the pennies.

How many pennys equal a trillion?


Is there gold in old electrical junction boxes?

No. There is no gold in electrical junction boxes. If there was there would be many rich electricians.

How Many Pennys Are in a mile?

84702.315789473684210526315789474 ~ Approximately 84702.

How many pennys in a dollar?

100 pennies are in a dollar!

How many types of atom make up copper?

One. Copper is an element.

How many cereal boxes do you need 2 make a cubby house?

u don't use cereal boxes to make it u use wood

How many boxes of quarters make up $250?


How many pennys makes 500.0g?

Depends on which country's pennies.

How many yens will you get for 1 dollar?

100 million pennys

How many sheets of copper did it take to make the Statue of Liberty?

214 sheets of copper

What can you do with a box?

you can actually do many more things that you can think of like: make a kennel for your teddie (with 3 boxes) make a train make a dool house make a fake tv (with many boxes) make a robot costume there are many more. you can be creatinve and just stivk things together.

How many pennys in an ounce?

penny = 2.5goz. = 28.3495231 gramsoz./penny = 11.3it takes about 12 pennies to make an ounce.

How many pennys in 160 dollars?

160 dollars is 16000 pennies.

How many pennys is in 196 dollars?

19,600 pennies in 196 dollars.

How many coins will make 67 cents?

6 pennies 8 nickles 2 dimes

What kind of a design is hammered copper?

Hammered copper can be used in many decorative or useful items. The effect of hammering the copper is to make a dented effect all over the copper. This can catch the light and make an attractive surface.

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You have many options online for this task. For example you can visit The Custom Boxes Australia, SoPack, Packqueen etc and they will make perfume boxes according to your box dimension and colors.