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10000 boxes to get 10000 boxes!

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Q: How many boxes of paper clips would you need to 10000?
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What would be heavier a pound of bricks or a pound of paper clips?

paper clips

How long would a chain of one million paper clips be?

10 paper clips is 7.5 inches, so 7.5X100,000= A million paper clips

If a paper clip weighs approximately one gram estimate how many paper clips will be in a 0.5 kilogram box of paper clips?

Since 1 kilogram is equal to 1000 grams, a 0.5 kilogram box would contain 500 grams of paper clips. Therefore, there would be approximately 500 paper clips in a 0.5 kilogram box.

How many boxes would be needed to hold 10000 cubic centimeters of cereal?

The answer depends on the size (capacity) of the boxes.

How long is a millon paper clips in a line in inches?

Paper clips come in different sizes. A million two-inch paper clips would be two million inches long.

How many paper clips are in 1 mole of paper clips?

It is not possible to give an exact number of paper clips in 1 mole since mole is a unit used for counting atoms or molecules, not larger objects like paper clips. However, 1 mole of paper clips would contain Avogadro's number (6.022 x 10^23) of individual paper clips.

Does 5 thousand paper clips weigh 5 thousand grams?

No, paper clips are typically very light. It would take approximately 5,000 standard paper clips to weigh about 500 grams, not 5,000 grams.

How many paper clips do you need to equal a pencil?

You would need 4 paper clips in order to equal the weight of a pencil.

How much would 5438 paper clips weigh?

I would suggest you get a sample of 100 paper clips (count them), weigh them, then multiply the result with 54.38. If the weight of the 100 paper clips is too low to get an accurate reading, count off a larger number, and weigh them. In this case, of course, you would have to multiply by a smaller factor.

How many 1 ounce paper clips would it take to get the weight of a 72.5 kg person?

There are just over 2557 ounces in 72.5 kilograms, so you would need 2558 paper clips.

How much does 2 paper clips weigh?


How many paper clips would there be in 1000 grams?

Slightly fewer than 1000.