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10000 boxes to get 10000 boxes!

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Is a paperclip an insulator?

That would depend on what the paper clip is made of. Plastic paper clips would be insulators, metal paper clips would be conductors.

How long would a chain of one million paper clips be?

10 paper clips is 7.5 inches, so 7.5X100,000= A million paper clips

How long is a millon paper clips in a line in inches?

Paper clips come in different sizes. A million two-inch paper clips would be two million inches long.

How many boxes would be needed to hold 10000 cubic centimeters of cereal?

The answer depends on the size (capacity) of the boxes.

How much would 5438 paper clips weigh?

I would suggest you get a sample of 100 paper clips (count them), weigh them, then multiply the result with 54.38. If the weight of the 100 paper clips is too low to get an accurate reading, count off a larger number, and weigh them. In this case, of course, you would have to multiply by a smaller factor.

Does 5 thousand paper clips weigh 5 thousand grams?

Yes they would but only if the average weight of all the paper clips was 1 gram each.

How many 1 ounce paper clips would it take to get the weight of a 72.5 kg person?

There are just over 2557 ounces in 72.5 kilograms, so you would need 2558 paper clips.

How many paper clips would there be in 1000 grams?

Slightly fewer than 1000.

What are some inventions at schools?

What if there was a magnet glove that would work for the paper clips and stuff that would be really cool

Could a paper clip be considered copper?

Most paper clips are made from steel. You could make a paper clip out of copper, but the cost would be higher for something that would do the same job.

Which would be heavier a pound of bricks or a pound of paper clips?

they would both weigh the same as they are both one pound!!

Would you use kilograms or grams to describe the mass of 10 paper clips?

paper clips do not weigh much, perhaps a gram each, so 10 weigh about 10 grams, so you would use grams, not kilograms, since 1 kg = 1000 grams

How much would 17 paper clips cost?

Perhaps one penny. It is unlikely you would be able to buy such a small anount

What would you do with 10 million paper clips?

Oh .....I would sell some and make a model house of it........... moreover best silly q.

How many paper clips make a pound?

Depends on the size of the paper clip. Paper clips come in a range of sizes. Agreed. Also: The weight of one standard paper clip = 0.00043kg x 9.8m/s2 = 0.004214 N, or 0.000947345 lbf. So if you divide 1 lbf by the weight of a standard paper clip given then with that size of paper clip it would take about 1,056 to make a pound.

A machine is placing sheets of paper numbered 1 to 1000000 into 100 boxes. into which box would the machine place the 608113th sheet of paper?


How do you build an earthquake resistant paper building out of 12 note cards 1 piece of paper and 6 paper clips Like what design and shape?

nerds these days. seriously why would you ask this question

About how many clips would it take to weigh 1 kilogram?

it would be about 1000, because a paper clip weighs about a gram, and kilo means 1000.

How would you sell old 10000 peso?

10000 pesos 10000 pesos

Which unit is best to weight a dozen paper clips?

The are about half a gram each so if you want accuracy, a milligram would be best.

Why will one magnet pick up more paper clips than two of the same magnets put together?

I'm not an expert, but it would probably be because the two different electromagnetic fields from the magnets are not lining up. This would cause part of the attractive force to be canceled out, and for less paper clips to stick. It really depends on how you have the magnets put together.

If you line up human skin cells side by side which is 30um how many would fit along the length of the paper clip measuring 1cm?

1 cm is 10000 microns so 10000/30 = 333 cells

Can pizza boxes be recycled?

No. Recycled paper does have some controls on its quality when considered for recycling Pizza boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, which idf clean could be recycled. However once used the cardboard becomes soiled with grease, cheese, and other food.In this condition, the paper cannot be recycled because the paper fibres will not be able to be separated from the oils during the pulping process. This greasy pulp would degrade the entire batch of paper.

What would you do without plastic bags?

We would adapt. As we have in the past. Before plastic bags came into the picture - baskets, or cloth bags, then paper bags, boxes where used.

How many times greater than the mass of the sun would a mole of paperclips?

A mole of iron (iron paper clips) Is nothing compared with the Sun.