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The answer depends on the size (capacity) of the boxes.

2013-08-06 17:47:11
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How many boxes of paper clips would you need to 10000?

10000 boxes to get 10000 boxes!

Who makes cereal boxes?

Often the cereal companies themselves buy the machines and manufacture the boxes and then fill them with cereal. Box companies also manufacture cereal boxes that they sell which you can customize and fill yourself.

Where to buy Cereal Boxes at wholesale?

Cereal Boxes at wholesale is Packaging provides cereal boxes with diverse designing options and various sizes. You can design the cereal box according to your requirements and nature of the product. These boxes can be manufactured in any shape with the design and color of your choice

What is the average weight of a cereal box?

A cereal box has a real weight, not an average weight. The average weight of a set of cereal boxes would depend on the product, for example 500 gm boxes of Rice Krispies have a lower average empty weight than 700 gm boxes of the same product. So more information is needed.

If there are 52 ounces of cereal in 2 boxes how many ounces are there in 5 boxes?

1. 52 * 2.5 = 130 ounces of cereal in 5 boxes2. 52/2 = 26 ounces of cereal in 1 box26 * 5 = 130 ounces of cereal in 5 boxes

Are kidz bop cds in cereal boxes?

yes but what cereal??????

A store stocks 411 boxes of cold cereal and 162 boxes of hot cereal Which number sentence shows the best way to estimate the total boxes of cereal using compatible numbers?

i think the answer is 600

What percent of packaging waste are cereal boxes?

The percentage of waste made into cereal boxes is quiet LARGE. the percentage is 99.99%.

What cereal used olympic gold medalists on its cereal boxes?


What were the years Wheaties cereal offered license plates on boxes of cereal?


What is the length of a cereal box?

Cereal boxes come in many different sizes.

How much cereal boxes are in the world?

a lot

What are cereal boxes made from?

They are made of cardboard.

What is used to make cereal boxes?


How many cereal boxes do you need 2 make a cubby house?

u don't use cereal boxes to make it u use wood

What year did Wheaties Cereal company offer licence plates on boxes of cereal?


Is chex a grain cereal?

Yes. At the top of their cereal boxes it says "Whole Grain."

How much cereal is in a cereal box?

It depends on the size of the box. Usually they mesure the weight of cereal boxes with grams (g).

What is the height of a cereal box?

Though you may have created this question to recieve an indefinate answer, cereal comes in boxes (and other containers) of all different shapes and sizes. There are tiny cereal cups that are about 3 inches high and about 4 inches in diameter, tiny cereal boxes that are on average 3 to 4 inches high and 2 to 3 inches wide, and a variety of larger cereal boxes. If you are asking for an average for regular cereal boxes, I would say between 8 and 12 inches tall, and 7 and 10 inches wide.

How much will 24 boxes of baby infant cereal cost in one year?

in one year it cost 4,205 to buy 24 boxes of infant cereal.

How is cereal packaged?

People put it in boxes and this is so boring People put it in boxes and this is so boring

Who regulates cereal boxes?

chuck Norris chuck Norris

Norman Rockwell illustrated cereal boxes for?

grape nuts*

How many cereal boxes are rectangular prism?

Most, if not all, of them.

What are the ingredients used in making the cereal boxes?

the ingredient is cardboard