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That's mandated by each state but over 4 hours most give you a 1/2 hr, and you should get at least 1 -10.

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Q: How many breaks do you get working 7 hours a day?
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How many working minutes per day?

The usual working day is 8 hours (9 including breaks) (if you're lucky to get a job with the usual hours, usually public service here in ireland anyway). 8 hrs is 480 minutes.

What were the working hours in a mill in 1917?

They worked for 25 hours a day with no breaks. They also had to work 8 days a week

How many hours does a screenwriter work in a day?

25 hours a day. plus bath room breaks, and eating.... your welcome! :) 25 hours a day. plus bath room breaks, and eating.... your welcome! :)

How many hours in working 12 hours a day for 21 day?

12 hours*21 days=252 hours

How many hours can a semi truck allowed to drive in a day?

11 hours between mandatory 10 hour breaks.

How many days is in 1 working day?

8 hours means one working day in india

Typically how many hours does a day trading seminar last?

Most day seminars last as long as a working day. Usually from nine am till about three to five pm. Usually with a break for lunch and a few other "coffee" breaks inbetween.

How many hours is recommended to drive in one day?

No more than eight, with regular breaks.

How many hours did Dr king spend that day working on the boycott?

how may hours did Dr king spend on working on the boycott

How many working hours make up a day?

Traditionally 8.

How many days are in 48 business hours?

A typical working day is 8 hours. To find how many working days there are in 48 work hours divide 48 by 8. The answer is 6.

How many hours does the average Chinese work per day?

On average a person working in China spends 12 to 14 hours a day at work. That's about 60 to 70 hours working hours per week.