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It depends on the size of the bricks.

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Q: How many bricks are in a square foot?
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How many bricks cover a square foot?


How many cement brick per square foot?

3 cement bricks for foot

How many red bricks in a square foot?

Depends on the size of the red brick

How many bricks are needed per square foot?

9" thick wall needs 12 bricks per square foor 13.5" thick wall needs 18 bricks per square foot. 18" thick wall needs 24 bricks per square foot Sender: Mr. Khayal Ahmed Memon Sub Engineer in USAID N.G.O

How many 8x4x2.75bricks in a square foot?

The answer will depend on the orientation of the bricks. Are the side-on, end-on, mixed?

How many regular bricks per sq ft?

There are exactly 6.75 bricks per square foot. Standard modular brick courses 3 bricks per 8" vertically, and 8" per brick horizontally. Therefore, 1 square foot is 1.5 bricks wide x 4.5 bricks high, or 6.75 bricks per square foot. Keep in mind, there are MANY different brick sizes, but this calculation holds true for standard 'modular' brick.

How many bricks in a 25x80 wall?

There are 6.27 standard bricks in a square foot. A 25x80 section of wall would require 12540.

How much do you charge to lay bricks?

$6 a square foot.

How many 6 x 6 inch bricks would you need to lay for a 348 square foot patio?

6 inches is half a foot so it takes four 6 by 6 inch bricks to make one square foot. 348 x 4 = 1392. So you'll need 1392 bricks.

How many maxi bricks in a square meter?

60 bricks per square metre

How many brick is 400 sq feet?

As a square foot will require 8 bricks of standard size, we will require around 3500 bricks for 400 sq feet.

How many bricks used in one cubic foot?

It depends on the size of the bricks.

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