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8 half brothers and sisters.

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Q: How many brothers and sisters did Anna Mary Robertson orGrandma Moses have?
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How many brothers and sisters did Grandma Moses have?


What was Grandma Moses real name?

She was Anna Mary Robertson Moses

Who were Grandma Moses parents?

who were grandma moses parents Russell King Robertson and Margaret Shannahan

Was Grandma Moses blind?

Anna Mary Robertson Moses was old but never blind.

What is the birth name of Grandma Moses?

Grandma Moses's birth name is Robertson, Anna Mary.

What is Grandma Moses' style?

Anna Mary Robertson Moses (more commonly known as Grandma Moses) was an American Folk Artist.

What are facts about Harriet Tubman's siblings?

That Harriet has sisters name Linah, Rachel, Mariah, and Soph. And brothers name Moses, Henry, Robert, Ben.

Did Moses have Egyptian brothers?

Yes he did have Egyptian brothers, as the princess adopted him.

Did Moses have two sisters?

No he only had one.

Who was the grand old lady of American art?

Grandma Moses, Anna Mary Robertson.

When did Moses get married?

Anna Mary Robertson Moses (more commonly known as Grandma Moses) got married to Thomas Salmon Moses in 1887, when she was 27. Thomas died in 1927 and Anna Mary died in 1961.

Are Moses and pharaoh brothers?

Yes. Moses' "brother's" name was Ramses. I'm not sure which one but i know his name was Ramses.