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Q: How many bushels of soybeans equal a metric tonne?
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How many bushells to one ton of soy bean?

A US ton is a unit of weight, and is much heavier than a bushel of anything.A bushel is a volume measurement approximately equal to 1.2445 cubic feet or 0.035 m3.However, given a standard moisture content, a US bushel of soybeans is assigned a weight of 60 pounds(27.2 kg).That would make 33 1/3 bushels of soybeans in a US ton. (2000 lb.)

How much is a tonne?

They are the same thing. One tonne is 1 metric tonne.A tonne and a metric tonne are the same thing.A tonne is a unit of mass. 1 tonne = 1000 Kg.The tonne or metric ton is a non-SI metric unit of mass equal to 1000 kilograms; it is thus equivalent to one megagram. So,tonne and metric ton is the another name.

How much does a bushel of roasted soybeans weigh?

A bushel of soybean is standardized at 60 pounds, so 40 bushels are 2,400 pounds or 1,089 kilograms, about a tonne.

What is 024 metric tons equal to?

0.24 tonne is 240kg.

1000 kilogr am's equal 1 what?

1 ton, tonne. one metric tonne, since a U.S. tonne is 2000lbs.

How may bushels of lentils in a ton?

36.744 bushels of lentils in a tonne

How many kilograms of sand in one metric ton?

1000Kgs of sand is equal to one metric tonne

Which weight is equal to 2240 lb or approximately 1000 kilograms?

A metric tonne.

How many tons to equal 1880kg?

1 metric tonne = 1000kg, so 1880kg/1000kg/1 tonne = 1.88 tonnes

1 metric tonnes equals how many tonnes?

A tonne and a metric tonne are the same thing.A tonne is a unit of mass. 1 tonne = 1000 Kg.I think you may have wanted to know the difference between an Imperial Ton and a Metric Tonne.A Metric Tonne is equal to 1000 Kilogram.An Imperial Ton equals 2,240 lbs. They are almost the same but the Imperial Ton is a bit heavier because 1000 Kg = 2210 lbs.Because they are not equal to each other, it is most important to spell the words correctly , as I have done here. Ton (British) and Tonne (Metric)A metric tonne equals approximately 1.1 US tons, or .98 UK tons.AnswerA 'tonne' is spoken as 'metric ton', and is equivalent to 1000 kg mass.

What is a ton and a metric ton?

A tonne (t) or metric ton (U.S.),[1] also referred to as a metric tonne, is a measurement of mass equal to 1,000 kg or 2,204.62262 lb, or approximately the mass of one cubic metre of water

How many bushels of corn equal one ton?

AnswerA dry bushel of corn weighs 56 pounds. Therefore a ton of Corn will be just over 35.7 bushels. (2000 pounds/56 pounds = 35.714286)The above answer seems incorrect. One ton (of corn or anything else) is NOT equivalent to 200 but to 2205 pounds (one pound is about 453,6 grams).Therefore one ton of corn is equivalent to 39.375 bushels (2205 / 56).Both of the above answers are correct. A short ton is 2000 pounds. A long ton (not very common) is 2240 pounds. A metric ton (also spelled tonne) is 2205 pounds, or 1000 kilograms.So one short ton of corn is equivalent to 35.7 bushels,One long ton of corn is equivalent to 40 bushels,One metric tonne of corn is equivalent to 39.4 bushels