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Q: How many cartons of 12 eggs make 36 eggs altogether?
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48 cartons of eggs there are 12 eggs in each cartons how many eggs in all?

There are: 48 times 12 = 576 eggs

There are 36 eggs and 12 eggs will fit in an egg carton. How many cartons will the 36 eggs fill?

this is SUPER easy. 3 cartons.

A restaurant owner is proud to serve a great-tasting breakfast His refrigerator holds 15 cartons of eggs Each carton contains 12 eggs How many eggs are in the refrigerator altogether?


If you have 5 cartons of eggs and use one fourth of them how many total cartons of eggs were used?

1 whole carton, and 1/4 of another carton, so you have 3.75 cartons left.

Over in Russia how many eggs are in a carton of eggs?

In Russia, eggs are sold in cartons of ten - I was surprised to see this when I studied abroad there last year. The cartons are called десятки, which means, very roughly, 'little things of ten.'

How many eggs does a female hamster lay?

Hamsters don't lay eggs. Only reptiles do.

How many milk cartons do you need to make a bench?


How many voyages did Chrisopher Colubus make altogether?

He took 14 altogether.

How many pounds can a egg hold?

dozen-sized cartons of eggs = 38 pounds. So for one it = 3.5 pounds

How many cartons of cigarettes can you travel with?

Four cartons is the limit.

How many eggs in a carton?

Cartons come in several sizes. There could be 6, 12, 18 or 24 eggs in a carton. Most often you find 12 in a carton.

How many books altogether make up The Bible?


Pam bought several cartons of giggle drinks She paid 50 cents per carton She sold 15 cartons for 1 At the end of the day she sold 22.50 How many cartons did she buy?

she bought 337.5 cartons

How many eggs make a dozen?

12 12 eggs make a dozen.

How many half gallon cartons of milk equals one gallon?

Two x half gallon cartons is equal to one gallon.

How many cartons of cigarettes can be brought from China to the US for personal use?

according to us customs 2 cartons

How many cartons of cigarettes in a case?


How many cartons can you mail?

none its illegal

Three birds laid some eggs each bird laid an odd number of eggs altogether they laid 19 eggs. how many did each bird lay?

two birds had 7 and one had 5

What are the different ways of packaging eggs?

There are three widely used methods of packaging. In one type of packaging, eggs are cushioned by either clean rice hulls or chopped straws in a firm walled basket or crates. The cushioning decrease the damage and the risk of breakage to eggs. This is good for short distance transport. In the second type of packaging, eggs are placed in an egg tray and are stacked in a box. Eggs can also be packed into more specific and smaller containers called the egg cartons. These cartons can hold 4 to 12 eggs. You will find this kind of packaging in many super markets.

How many eggs to make chocolate cake?

its takes 3 eggs to make a chocolate cake!!!

How many cartons of cigarettes can fit on a 53' tractor trailer?

About 57,000 cartons of cigarettes can fit on a 53' tractor trailer.

How many small eggs do you need to make a large egg?

how many small eggs do I need to make a large egg in a reciepe

How many eggs are in a dozen?

A dozen means twelve and so a dozen eggs is twelve eggs. Usually eggs are sold in cartons and these contain a specific number which will be either a half-dozen (which is six eggs), a dozen (that is, twelve eggs), or the number can be specified, say nine eggs, or maybe even fifteen or eighteen eggs. If you want a greater quantity of eggs you might buy a tray, which will be thirty eggs. For some reason, eggs are usually sold in multiples of three.

How many halfpint cartons of water are needed to fill the gallon container?

16 halfpint cartons of water are needed to fill the gallon container