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6 cells, each one 1.5 volts :D

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Q: How many cells in a 9 volt battery?
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How many cells does a 9 volt battery contain?

6 @ 1.5v each The 9 volt battery is a true battery, containing six cells of 1.5 volts each. Most storage devices that we call batteries(i.e. D-cell, AA-cell, AAA-cell) are not batteries, but cells.

Can I turn a 9V battery output to 6V 100mA?

No! You need fewer cells for six volts. Most 9 volt batteries have six 1.5 volt cells, but a six volt battery has four 1.5 volt cells. In theory you could open the battery up and install a tap at the fourth cell, but that is pretty hard to do.

Why is a 6 volt battery bigger than a 9 volt?

The voltage is set by the number of cells, so a 6 v battery has four cells and a 9 v battery has six. The size of the cells decides the capacity but not the voltage, so four big cells might be bigger than six small ones. The one with bigger cells has a greater amp-hour capacity.

What is stronger 1.5 volt batter or a 9 volt battery?

9v! More voltage, more strength! Many 9v batteries merely have 1.5Volt cells jammed together to make 9V!

Can you use a 3 volt charger for a 9 volt battery?


Can you use a 6 volt charger for a 9 volt battery?

No, the battery will be overcharged and battery damage will occur if it is done.

Is a lead acid car battery the same as a 9 volt alkaline battery?

No, a lead acid battery is a wet cell battery and a 9 volt alkaline battery is a dry cell battery.

What Happens if a 9 volt battery touches another 9 volt battery?

It heats up very hot and may explode.

Can a 9 volt charger be used to charge a 7.2 volt battery?


Does a 9 volt battery have more energy than a 1.5 volt battery?

A D cell battery has a voltage output of 1.5 volts, while a 9 volt battery produces about 9 volts. This is just the potential energy though. D cells provide far more current for a longer time then a 9 volt battery. In terms of overall power output, a D cell in give you many times more power than a 9 volt battery. Physical size, in this case is a good indicator as the material inside is the same.

Why are 9-volt batteries rectangular but AA batteries are circular?

Button batteries, AA, AAA, D and C batteries are a single cell. 9-volt batteries contain multiple cells to get a higher voltage and therefore are the shape they are. Open a 9-volt battery and you will see the cells inside - make sure you wash your hands afterwards though!

How fat is a 9 volt battery?