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100. "CENT" is the key here, just like a U.S., Canadian, Australian, or EU cent.

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Q: How many centavos make 1 pesos?
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320 pesos 100 centavos = 1 peso

How many 5 centavos coins pieces are equal to 5 pesos?

1 peso = 100 centavos

How many centavos make 1 peso?

It will take a 100 Centavos to make 1 Peso

If 12 pesos is equal to 1 dollar how many pesos to make 5 dollars?

Well if 1 dollar equals 12 pesos, 60 pesos equal 5 dollars.

How many pesos do you need to make one US dollar?

As of 2015, $1 = 15.26 Mexican Pesos.

You wanted to buy a shirt that cost 97 pesos You borrowed 50 pesos from your mother and another 50 from your father You give them back 1 peso each Where is the another 1 peso?

In your pocket because you did not give each of them the 50 centavos that would be half of 3 pesos! Their change was actually 1 peso and 1/2

How many Philippines silver 5 peso coins minted in 1905?

none 5 Centavos were 471 in Proof only 5 Pesos none made 5 Pisos none made Silver 1905 coins were 10 and 20 and 50 Centavos and 1 Peso only

How many pesos is 1 buck?

It really depends on what Pesos are you talking about. Argentinian pesos? 1 US$ = 4.35. Mexican pesos? 1 US$ = 13.71. How about Chilean? 1 US$ = 510.46

1 US dollar is how many pesos?

it's about 8.285 pesos.

How many Mexican pesos makes 1 US dollar?

13.04 Pesos.

How many pesos equal to 1 us dollar?

About 10 pesos are in a US dollar

1 USD how many Mexican pesos?

1 USD is about 13.3707715 Mexican pesos.www.x-rates.comcheck it out

How many pesos does it take to make one dollar?

43.63 is 1 dollar at the current exchange rate...

How many Mexican pesos in 1 dollar?

one US dollar equals 10 pesos

What is a Mexican 1983 cincuenta centavos coin worth?

By face value, practically nothing. Fifty Mexican cents (which is the translation of "cincuenta centavos") is 0.5 Mexican pesos, but the peso has since been redefined since 1983; what used to be called 1,000 pesos is now called 1 peso. Therefore, the coin's face value is 0.0005 Mexican pesos, which is less than a hundredth of a United States cent. I wouldn't expect an ordinary 1983 coin to have any special value to collectors, but I'm no numismatist.

How many Argentina pesos in a dollar?

1 US Dollar = 3.7 Argentina Peso leys and Pesos.

One US dollar is how many pesos?

it varies but right now its about 1 dollar = 12.5 pesos

How many Mexican pesos are in a dime?

1 million

How many dollars equal 1 Mexican pesos?

At the current exchange rate, 1 USD is equal to 13.01 Mexican Pesos.

1 us dollar equals how many Colombia pesos?

1,965.50 Colombia Pesos equals a U.S. Dollar

What are Cuban coins called?

The monetary system of Cuba is a dual-value decimal based system, with the primary unit of Cuban money being called the Peso. There are two separate currencies circulating in Cuba: that based on the National Cuban Peso and that based on the Cuban Convertible Peso. The Cuban Convertible Peso, also called the chavito, is used mostly be tourists and for purchasing luxury items. Cuban citizens are paid their wages in the National Cuban Peso, and it is this currency in which staple goods and foods are traded. The exchange rate between them is officially 1 to 1, but the reality is that the Convertible Peso is worth 24 to 25 National Pesos.The names and relative values of the coins depicted above are, (top row, National currency,) from left to right: * One Centavos - 1/100 of a Peso * Five Centavos - 5/100 of a Peso * Ten Centavos - 10/100 of a Peso * Twenty-five Centavos - 25/100 of a Peso * Fifty Centavos - 50/100 of a Peso * One Peso - 100/100, 1 full Peso * Three Pesos -300/100, 3 full Pesos Bottom row, (Convertible currency) from left to right: * Five Centavos - 5/100 of a Peso * Ten Centavos - 10/100 of a Peso * Twenty-five Centavos -25/100 of a Peso

How much will the Danish krone converted into peso?

1 DKK = 2.17 Mexican Pesos 1 DKK = 0.72 Argentinian Pesos 1 DKK = 659.29 Chile Pesos 1 DKK = 2520.69 Colombian Pesos 1 DKK = 59.73 Philippines Pesos

How many pesos are in a dollar?

100 new pesos=$9.3217 American dollars 100 old pesos (before 1992) = slightly less than 1 cent.

How many Argentina pesos equals 1 us dollar?

$1 USD = 3.7 Peso leys (ARL) = 3.7 Neuvo Pesos (ARS).

How many 1 thousands bills must you have 1 billion pesos?

only 1

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