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That is an incorrect answer to a question that does not make sense.

A diameter is not a linear unit. The question is like asking how tall you are in heights!

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Q: How many centimeter in 4 diameter?
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How many pieces of chocolates measuring 13 centimeter by 6centimeter by 4centimeter can be packed into a box with dimensions 4 diameter by 5 diameter by 4 diameter?

A diameter is not a linear measure! It is like asking how tall you are in heights!

How many centimeter in a diameter?

It depends on the size of the diameter. It is like asking "how long is a string?"

How do you convert diameter into centimeter?


How many syllables in centimeter?


What is the diameter of 248 centimeter?

2.48 meters

How many 3 centimeter by 4 centimeter tiles are needed to cover a 16 centimeter by 24 centimeter area?

16*24=3843*4=12384/12=32The answer is 32 tiles

How many centimeter in 4 meter?


How many diameters in 1 centimeters?

Centimeter is a measurement unit in the metric system. The diameter is not a measurement unit. The diameter of a circle is twice the length of the radius of the circle.

Give an example of a centimeter?

About half the diameter of a dime.

What is the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 45 centimeter?


Is a diameter bigger than a centimeter?

yes of course

How many 4 tenth centimeter segments are in 6 and 4 fifth centimeters?

There are 17 centimeter segments in 6 and 4/5 centimeters.